Hi, I'm Lisa. I help freelancers and virtual assistants make more money, work less, & escape the dollars-for-hours trap.

Let's face it ... when you work by the hour, you are getting paid LESS than someone else who is slower! How sucky is that? It's time to make more and charge what you are worth.

In this free training, I'll show you how to double your revenue & WORK LESS by creating service packages that Sell!

* Freelancers, Virtual Assistants, & Virtual Pros *

I’m stuck! Should I charge hourly or a retainer?
How do I find more ideal clients? Changes need to happen, but I’m drowning!
Is it time to just throw in the towel?

If these questions are on your mind – you’ve come to the right place for answers.
Through my proven virtual assistant forms, ebooks, and courses on packages and best practices for your virtual assistant business, I’ve got tools that will help you not only survive – but thrive as a VA.
As you probably already know - there are so many different courses, products, systems, and more out there. Maybe you’ve even tried a few and learned the hard way that they aren’t practical - too many are all theory, no results. You don’t have time to test them all – but you don’t know where to turn next.
As your guide, I can tell you I’ve been there - and I started there. I started my career as a virtual assistant and built an incredibly successful practice. From there and in my work as a guide to dozens of business owners, I’ve honed all the knowledge and experience you need to know to get it right – right now.
I want you to get your headspace back. I want you to have clients you love and know how to charge what you’re worth, not by the hour. Because I’ve already been where you are, I know how to get you there – and more than anything – I want you to get there so you can see and embrace your value!
Whatever challenges you’re facing, everything I’ve built for you will help you be more sane, savvy, and successful. It’s time to you felt able to fully love and own your amazing business. Let’s get you there.

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Kara Tanenbaum

Virtual Assistant, Events & Meeting Planner, South Carolina

“I am enjoying your VA training immensely. You have put my mind at ease by going over so many questions that I had in starting out. I was feeling so perplexed and paralyzed by indecision; now I feel empowered and motivated. Thank you so very much!”

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