I came across this article today from Beth Schneider at Process Prodigy and LOVE love love it! Her analogy was that she had a crazy hair day and the harder she worked at brushing it and calming it down, the crazier and more out of control it got. You know, sort of like how it can be with running an online business?

So I thought I’d share Beth’s words of wisdom…


Here are 10 ways for you to start working differently so you can go from crazy and out of control to smooth, together, and silky . . . I mean organized.

1. Break big projects into smaller more manageable pieces. Delegate and work at one piece at a time.

2. Pick specific times of the day to check and answer email. Check it only during those times, handle the mail, delegate the mail or delete. That way you don’t have to keep visiting the same issue over and over.

3. Have a regular team huddle. In football they come together for a couple of minutes to go over the plan and then execute. Use that model. Bring key team members together for 15 minutes, talk about the plan and the priorities, then execute and implement.

4. Create role descriptions for key team members so they fully understand what is and is not their responsibility.

5. Stop and explore some of the intermediate to advanced features of the technology you already own. Most people use a fraction of what their software is capable of. Utilize the technology you have to automate and streamline tasks.

6. Implement a screening process. Have a series of questions you ask potential clients so you can quickly tell if they are a good fit for your programs.

7. Create general scripts and FAQs so team members can answer questions and handle clients for you. You don’t have to write word for word scripts, but a general overview gives your team members the power to handle things without having to stop and ask you every minute.

8. Have your team members create templates and checklists wherever and whenever they can. Then make sure they are using them.

9. House frequently used scripts, checklists, templates and processes online so your virtual team has access to the tools they need to get things done faster. Try something like Google Docs or Officezilla. Both are free tools that are easy to use.

10. Create a production schedule that plots your regular marketing efforts. Things like newsletters, direct mail, teleclasses, JV promotions, etc. This will establish the deadlines when things need to be released. Then work backwards to figure out when the work needs to get done to meet those deadlines.

Just look at the difference a change in operations made to my hair. Imagine what it can do for your business.

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