2022 Annual Review

Dec 28, 2022 | Annual Review, Office Operations

There are 3 questions that I’m going to answer in my Annual Review:

  1. What went well this year?
  2. What didn’t go so well this year?
  3. What am I working toward?

What went well 

2022 was the year I finally ran my own race. I always tell people to “go at your own pace, run your own race” and this was THE year I finally did that. Rather than listening to others, I listened to my own instincts. Rather than looking at shiny objects and getting distracted, I focused on establishing better daily habits. Rather than envying others’ big accomplishments, I celebrated my own small wins. 

2022 was also a year of Hellos and Goodbyes…

In January, we said Hello to Copa! Just like I predicted, it was another foster fail.  Below is Foster Fail #1 (Macy / white coonhound) and Foster Fail #2 (Copa / lab/pit mix).

In April, we closed up our Wells Woodwerx booth and said goodbye to Twigg & Co. We were one of the OGs when Twigg, an artisan and maker shop located in Aberdeen, NC, opened up in the fall of 2019.  What started off as a creative hobby for Rich turned into a totally fun side hustle. We are so grateful for people like Molly Lee Twigg to provide a place for makers in our little town in NC. It was a super fun and successful ride.

We had only planned to make a few flags and earn some extra cash for our boat fund. But we kept making flags and then added beer caddies, wine caddies, outdoor beer and wine tables, entryway tables, side tables, clocks, and bottle openers to our menu. Rich really gets a kick out of knowing that his creations are in people’s homes. 🙂 We are also proud that we were able to contribute hundreds of dollars and in-kind contributions to our favorite charities: Marine Raider Foundation, Sandhills Pride, Dreams 4 All Foundation, Caring Hearts for Canines, and World Central Kitchen.
We felt that it was a good stopping point because we were ready to move on to other fun things and, best of all, getting our weekends back.

Here is 2022 Business by the Numbers:

  1. Created 21 new products for VA Business Builder Boutique
  2. Launched my new Template Essentials and relaunched Profitable Packages training courses
  3. Produced 22 Systems Sunday episodes

Personal Growth. My favorite programs and events this year:

  • RelationshipU with Stacey and Paul Martino. In July, I completed my second year in this program. In addition to dozens of online training videos and two Q&A calls each month, we also had multiple online events such as immersion weekends and 3-day retreats. It was a LOT! It was hands down the best investment I ever made and has changed my relationships forever.  
  • I continued with my Spanish lessons by purchasing a lifetime subscription to Babbel. 
  • I took one self-defense class on a cold Saturday morning and ended up enrolling in Krav Maga classes for the entire year. I just re-upped for two more years into the BlackBelt Club and recently won the “Daring Force Award.” Boss ass bitch I tell ya!

What didn’t go so well

I couldn’t find anything, personal or professional, that didn’t go so well this past year. I keep finding new things to do and then doing them, it’s been amazing! Even when the power went out for 5 days due to someone shooting up the electrical substations (it was a BIG story in the US), we used it as an opportunity to test out our new generator. See, always a silver lining.

What I am working towards for 2023

My word for 2022 was EXPLORE and exploring I did!

I completed National Genealogical Society’s Foundations in Family History 101 course to possibly parlay that into providing services as a genetic genealogist. I’m on the Level 102 course and still undecided if I want to pursue, but what I’ve learned so far is totally fascinating! 

Scuba diving in Antigua, attending two out-of-town military retirements, and spending one short weekend on the boat. We finally made a decision to sell the sailboat because 1) with two dogs who don’t like sailing, it gets expensive to board them, and 2) we renovated an 18′ pontoon boat during the summer and both dogs love riding around in that instead. If you’re in the market for a 27′ CAL sailboat, hit me up. 🙂

My word for 2023 is EXPANSION.

I’ll be greatly expanding in 2023 and stepping outside my comfort zone. Like WAY way WAY outside my comfort zone and running for a seat in the NC General Assembly! I’m still in the very early stages but will be making announcements next summer, stay tuned.

As always, thanks for reading. Here’s to a Happy New Year!



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