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I’m Lisa, and I’ve trained hundreds of virtual assistants to launch their dream business, scale, and systemize. All my secrets are here in the shop, so let’s get started!

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I’ve got everything you need to LAUNCH, GROW, and SYSTEMIZE your business: forms, templates, planners, action kits, courses, & done-for-you systems!

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ONE MONTH after joining Profitable Packages and moving my clients to packages, I created 3 high-end profitable packages resulting in my biggest-earning month of the year!
Gina Decker

Tech Done For You

Before taking Lisa’s Profitable Packages course, I was struggling with how to put my service and support packages together.  I am now completely organized around my support packages. As a result, I’m getting paid what I’m worth and my clients are getting results – it’s a win-win!
Jennifer Hazlett

Alternate Admin

As a result of implementing the lessons I’ve learned in the course , I added $44,000.00 to the bottom line within the first 4 months of finishing the course. My advice for those thinking of taking this course is to DO IT!
Stephanie Lee

Scratchpad Secretaries

Snag the secrets from a veteran VA with 15+ years of experience and worked with hundreds of clients

I’m Lisa Wells. As your Virtual Assistant Trainer, I have the tools that will help you not only survive – but thrive as a VA.

As your guide, I can tell you I’ve been there – and I started there. I started my career as a virtual assistant and built an incredibly successful practice. From there and in my work as a guide to thousands of virtual professionals, I’ve honed all the knowledge and experience you need to know to get it right – right now.

I want you to get your headspace back. I want you to have clients you love and know how to charge what you’re worth, not by the hour. Because I’ve already been where you are, I know how to get you there – and more than anything – I want you to get there so you can see and embrace your value!



Passive Income Mastery

Discover the art of effortlessly generating passive income through ingenious, foolproof systems and processes. Say goodbye to the relentless pursuit of clients and the arduous task of crafting never-ending product launches.

Here’s what you get:

  • Step-by-Step Marketing Plan (.doc format)
    • Getting Started
      • Marketing Strategy Overview
      • Timeline & Budget
    • Section One: Leverage Your Existing Content to Beef Up Your Wallet
    • Section Two: Making Cash on Auto-Pilot is Easier Than Ever Before
    • Section Three: Optimize Your Funnels to Generate Your Sales With Ease
    • Section Four: Haul In Cash By Promoting The Products You Love
  • Templates + Worksheets + Swipe Files + And More! (.doc format)
    • Abandoned Cart Sequence Email Template
    • Affiliate Program Email Templates
    • Behavior-Based Email Templates
    • Checklist Creation Template
    • Determine Best Bump Offer Worksheet
    • Power Words Cheat Sheet
    • Thank-You Page Worksheet
    • Upsell and Downsell Mapping worksheet
    • Upsell Sweetener and Reminder Email Templates
    • Content Repurposing Tracker
    • Membership Program Outlining Worksheet
  • Task Tracking Calendar (.doc format) 
    • This simple yet potent calendar includes task reminders to help you stay on track and meet your deadlines.
  • Checklists (.doc format)
    • Affiliate Programs Checklist
    • Content Repurposing Checklist
    • Membership Program Systems & Setup Checklist
    • Offer Setup Checklist
    • Prepare Your Business Checklist
    • Systems Comparison Checklist
  • Monthly Results Report 
    • A fill-in-the-blanks report that allows your assistant to summarize your business’s status after implementing the new marketing plan. It provides insights into your assistant’s tasks, additional ways they can support you, any unexpected challenges, and more.


Simple Systems for Virtual Assistants

Grow, market, organize, and scale your business with FREE simple systems!

With short actionable insights brought to you every week, Systems Sunday videos have earned its spot as *can’t miss* watching for thousands of results-driven virtual pros just like you.


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