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ONE MONTH after joining Profitable Packages and moving my clients to packages, I created 3 high-end profitable packages resulting in my biggest-earning month of the year!
Gina Decker

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Before taking Lisa’s Profitable Packages course, I was struggling with how to put my service and support packages together.  I am now completely organized around my support packages. As a result, I’m getting paid what I’m worth and my clients are getting results – it’s a win-win!
Jennifer Hazlett

Alternate Admin

As a result of implementing the lessons I’ve learned in the course , I added $44,000.00 to the bottom line within the first 4 months of finishing the course. My advice for those thinking of taking this course is to DO IT!
Stephanie Lee

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I’m Lisa Wells. As your Virtual Assistant Trainer, I have the tools that will help you not only survive – but thrive as a VA.

As your guide, I can tell you I’ve been there – and I started there. I started my career as a virtual assistant and built an incredibly successful practice. From there and in my work as a guide to thousands of virtual professionals, I’ve honed all the knowledge and experience you need to know to get it right – right now.

I want you to get your headspace back. I want you to have clients you love and know how to charge what you’re worth, not by the hour. Because I’ve already been where you are, I know how to get you there – and more than anything – I want you to get there so you can see and embrace your value!


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Content Creator’s AI Arsenal: Empowering Your Writing Journey

AI Arsenal Template Bundle

Every business, large and small, but especially those with an online presence, uses content in one form or another. Whether they have websites and blogs, social media accounts, advertisements, videos, audios… it’s all content. The phrase “content is king” is true. Content is used everywhere.

There’s no doubt, content is here to stay, however, the way we write content is changing. At the time of this writing, AI tools are popping up all over the web. As a content producer, you want to be aware of the many options available and their different uses.

From researching and outlining to writing and optimizing, there are an overabundance of AI-powered tools available. If used correctly they can help writers create high-quality content quickly and effectively.

But what exactly are these tools, and how can content writers use them to their advantage?

Introducing “Content Creator’s AI Arsenal: Empowering Your Writing Journey.” Here’s exactly what you’ll receive with this bundle:

  • Insider’s Guide with Tips and Strategies: Power and pitfalls, ways to use AI to write your content, top AI tools for writing, AI research, rewriting, outlining, and optimization tools, and more!
  • Best Practices for Using AI to Write Your Content Cheat Sheet – Using AI to write your content might seem like a good idea. But it’s best to be aware of how to use it correctly and ethically.
  • Content Planning Checklist – Creating a content planning checklist is crucial to organize your content creation process, identify your goals, understand your target audience, and determine the topics to cover.
  • Using AI to Write Content Worksheet – When considering AI programs, it’s important to choose one that fits your needs. This worksheet will help you determine what you need from an AI program.
  • AI Writing Style Guide – An AI writing style guide can help ensure that your AI-generated content is consistent in tone, style, and voice. I include some guidelines you may want to consider.
  • BONUS! Mini-Guide on How to Use ChatGPT includes how to get started, tips for using, ways to implement, and how to write prompts.

Using AI to help you write your content helps you become more proficient in the task. As you can see, all of the items included in the AI bundle will help to guide you through the many time-saving and content-planning AI tools available to you.

Original price was: $15.00.Current price is: $7.50.

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Grow, market, organize, and scale your business with FREE simple systems!

With short actionable insights brought to you every week, Systems Sunday videos have earned its spot as *can’t miss* watching for thousands of results-driven virtual pros just like you.


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