What is Virtual Assistant Trainer?

If you’ve found your passion in being a virtual assistant but don’t know where to start, don’t know whom to trust, don’t have a billion dollars to spend learning all the ins and outs, then I am your girl!

Virtual Assistant Trainer sells forms, templates, planners, done-for-you systems, and courses for virtual assistants, freelancers, creatives, and service providers.

While there are other comparative sites out there, they lack the heart and experience behind Virtual Assistant Trainer.

It all began in 2005. Like many of you, I had this yearning to do my own thing and when my husband got orders to move us across the country, I was torn about what I would do for work and had to make a big decision. While I loved my job as an IT specialist, I was also looking for a fresh start. Work outside the home? Start a daycare? Become a real estate agent? Go back to school? Be my own boss? Volunteer? Become a full-time dog sitter?

While I had many passions, nothing really excited me. Until I fell upon an entire industry I never knew existed – virtual assistance.

There weren’t many training courses back then and “how to be a VA” information was hard to come by. 

Lisa Wells

The Virtual Assistant Trainer™

I learned a lot during those first few years, such as how to become an in-demand VA, how to package up my services, how to become a pretty good marketer, and naturally, I began to mentor others.

So, in 2012, I made it official by putting everything I learned into a new venture – Virtual Assistant Trainer.

Why Virtual Assistant Trainer?



I have been around for over 15 years and I’ve served close to a hundred clients and thousands of customers who have purchased my programs and products.  Having been a successful virtual assistant for many years as well as having walked in your shoes, I know what it’s like to start anew and I also know what it takes to get you where you want to go.


Getting professional business advice from an expert can break the bank.  I want you to succeed! This is why I price everything with you in mind and never to make a buck.  I offer free weekly videos, free training, and free products to give you a boost. Plus, I’m always trying to make my paid programs more affordable by offering select sales throughout the year.


I’m a real person and I don’t “do” tactics. I’m anti-bro-marketing. No, I didn’t turn my life and fortunes around overnight and magically become loaded.  I don’t inflate income because trust me, starting, running, and growing a business is a lot harder than many would have you believe. Instead, I focus on value and on determining how I can help you and get you a win.

About Lisa Wells, Founder of Virtual Assistant Trainer

The basics:

  • Married to the love of my life, Rich, since 1994
  • Military spouse (Marines) for 30 years
  • Mother of two adult boys and two fur-babies
  • Loves: dogs, ghosthunting, greasy diners, fireflies, sailing, thunderstorms, true crime podcasts, and coffee
  • Hates: peas, bullies, and being late

I wake up every day grateful.

I’m grateful that I get to work at home, that I have the freedom and flexibility to attend my kids’ events all through school and be present with my family.

I’m grateful that my work gives you that freedom, too.

I’m grateful that because I’m able to provide you with the right course, form or ebook, that I can give you your headspace and your time back.

And I’m grateful that I can show you ways to get unstuck and embrace the value of what you do.

I got into this world of business and virtual assistants as a military spouse, looking for a way to replace my income after we got orders to move. After building a profitable and organized virtual assistant practice from the ground up, I began to share those insights and systems to improve the practices of other virtual assistants, coaches, and consultants.

Since 2005, I’ve gotten to experience so much of the entrepreneur’s journey and been able to be present in the life of my family as we moved from California to North Carolina. Along the way, I’ve learned the depth of all of the technical systems, the ins and outs of email marketing and Keap® Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft) , and the best practices for operations. And in the process, I’ve had the pleasure and experience of partnering with dozens of business owners just like you – seeing you at every stage and knowing what it’s like to go from stuck to empowered.

When I think about it all – I know that with every day, from then to now, my job is about giving you your confidence back. It’s about showing you the way forward to simplify and thrive.

So when I wake up each morning – that’s what I think about – how I can pass on what I’ve learned to you. Let me know how I can be helpful – I’m ready to get you there, and I’d be more than grateful to be your guide.

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