Sometimes you just need a little extra help in the creativity department. Some people worry that using apps will cut down on originality, but the truth is that when you’re not constrained by your skill level, an app can unleash more creativity by making it easier.

1. – Don’t have funds to hire a graphic designer and need book covers, memes, infographics, and more? Canva offers professional-looking template layouts as well as images and art that you can buy for your needs. You can also upload your own. While the software is limited and not for graphic designers, the average person will be able to use it to generate amazing graphics easily.

2. – This app is for Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad, as well as Android. You can try it free. What it does is help you create a usable mind map to organize your ideas. You can also add media to help you better organize and demonstrate your thoughts and ideas to yourself and to other stakeholders.

3. – With the curator app you can collect, organize, and present your finished product to others. If you have a lot of information you need to put together in a way that is easy to understand, this is a good choice.

4. – This is a free offering from Autodesk. SketchBook allows you to draw and sketch your ideas digitally without paper, but in a way that feels like you’re using the real tools such as pencils to do the sketch.

5. Ideament – This app is so that you can create mind maps, concept maps, flowcharts and so much more. It helps you put it all together in an easy to understand way so that you can get results.

6. – Whether you’re trying to build a website or make a book cover, choosing colors can sometimes be difficult. Why not take a page from a decorator’s handbook and choose based on a single image that you love? Upload that image and it will help you create a color palette that will automatically look amazing due to the picture.

7. Omni Outliner Do you dislike writing outlines? If you do, yet you recognize that using outlines helps you remember things, try using this app to help you. It works with Mac and iOS and is simple to understand. You can make outlines with columns, custom styles, templates and more.

8. Slidely Creating and then sharing amazing slideshows is a great way to create content for your website, YouTube channel or other social platforms. But sometimes we get tired of PowerPoint. This software is amazing and will help you make a professional-looking show.

Don’t be afraid of trying apps to help you become more creative. It doesn’t mean that you’re not already creative or take away from the results. Streamlining your processes and the time you take to accomplish the work that you do will pay off in big ways, including enabling you to be more creative.