Oh come now: You didn’t really expect an example of the best passive income program unearthed from the depths of an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus in Sakkara, surely? Although we can take lots of wonderful lessons from ancient history, online passive income generation is not yet one of them.

But what are forensic digital archaeologists going to say about the subject in the far distant future. (Say, about 5 years from now…) Will they look back, and say “Information product creation turned out to be the most versatile passive income strategy!” – or will they take its other great rival, affiliate marketing, and create holographic brain chip shows about “The Fall of the Super Affiliates”?

Flippancy aside, it’s amazing what razor-sharp vision hindsight can bestow. But for now, all you can do is pick the passive income plan that works the best – and the most naturally – for you.

If one plan isn’t right, don’t be afraid to switch chariots, mid-race. For example, you may start out determined to be a niche blogger, with a small fortune invested in several domains and hosting packages (before somebody finally tells you about reseller sites). But several months and several hundred dollars into your experiment, you suddenly realize… you hate niche blogging. That free Special Report you created as a sign-up bribe to your “1,001 Liverwurst Recipes” blog did so well, you’re thinking of switching your passive income generation to original info products.

That’s perfectly alright. Most top entrepreneurs will tell you they had several “failed” experiments, before they finally hit on the perfect business model.

And don’t worry – all that work you put into learning niche blogging will come back to reward you, when you unearth and repurpose all that content you wrote, a year or so from now.