When it comes to  passive income opportunities, you’ve already got your plan in place.  You’re a virtual assistant new to info product marketing, so you’re go with the most inexpensive option for your product –  a digital eBook. You plan to pay Clickbank’s $50 one-time publisher’s fee, and place your product there.

Clickbank provides your affiliate program management, as well as your payment processor, so you don’t have to manage either. And you’ve covered the last base by learning how to legally, effectively cloak your hoplink.

Let’s run over your checklist…

  • Domain name
  • Minisite
  • Sales Page
  • Affiliate banner ads and code

You’ve even paid for a professionally designed header and some graphics. And you’ve already started to publicize your new eBook on social networks and forums.

In fact, you’re all set, and ready to go!

Or Are You?

There is one more question you need to ask yourself:

Have I made the most of every opportunity to squeeze more passive income out of my subject?

Until you’ve considered every option, you’re leaving money behind that could be pouring into your bank account!  You could easily upsell at check-out point by offering your eBook as a physical product.  Companies like Kunaki can produce your  CD or DVD on an “as-ordered” basis, shipped directly to the customer.  Your base cost, at time of writing, is $1.75 per CD!

If your actual cost (including shipping) is $1.75, and you offer the CD version at checkout for $10.00 (including shipping), you could maximize your passive income from that one sale point by a profit of $8.25 per CD!  (Kunaki can create videos and DVD’s too.)

There’s no good reason to leave unmined sources of income behind at every sale. Find out all the details at Kunaki – and decide if creating a physical upsell product is a viable idea for you.

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