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Are you undercharging for your VA services?

Attention VAs:
Are you undercharging for your services?

  • Are you tired of charging by the hour?
  • Hitting a roadblock when it comes to pricing your services?
  • Are you charging way too low for the value that you provide?

You are not alone!

I’m guessing your training program, school, or ebook probably didn’t teach you how to set your rates, so what are you left to do? Look around at what everyone else is charging and follow suit.  The problem is, when everyone around you is stuck in dollars-for-hours mode AND undercharging, it’s all too easy to form a belief that you can’t charge what you’re really worth or really want.

If you said ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then download this on-demand training presentation:

7-Step Formula to Setting Your Rates and Getting Away From ‘Dollars for Hours’


Presented by Lisa Wells, creator of “Virtual Assistant Business Essentials – Kickstart Your VA Career in Six Weeks or Less

I want to show you that it IS possible to away from the hourly model and start charging based on VALUE. I will walk you through the 7-Step formula that I used to start charging what I’m worth! On this training presentation, I will share with you different pricing models and pricing formulas.

Thank you for having such a content rich teleseminar! I have been researching the value based pricing model for a few months and it has been difficult to find real examples of how it works. Your examples provided the clarity I needed to create my packages. – Margaret

7-Step Formula to Setting Your Rates and Getting Away From ‘Dollars for Hours’

Free On-Demand Training Presentation


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