#33: Be Seen and Be Heard: Audio and Video (what you need and don’t need)

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In today’s video, I talk about a couple of things when it comes to being seen and being heard.

The first is, “Well I made a video and I looked at myself and you know what? I just don’t think I look that great.” Guess what? Most everyone I know has a hang-up about their appearance in video – I am overdue for Botox, suffer from acne, my gray coming in faster than I can color it, and the lighting in my office is muy not good. But I don’t let that stop me and I don’t want little things to stop you either.

Second, the tech. What do I need for video? Do I need a mic? Can’t I just use my laptop’s built-in video?

Now I’m probably not using any of my equipment correctly and I don’t profess to be an expert by any means, but I hope I give you a little encouragement (and a huge laugh when you see all the unnecessary things I have bought over the years) on today’s video.

So far this month, we have covered a lot of things that you need to have ready when you are a guest either for an interview or a podcast or if you’re doing a joint venture. Have your media page set up, fresh headshots, bio ready to go, what tech you need, and systems for what to do before, during, and after the interview. Last week I also told you that when you are giving that interview, have your offer ready to go and make sure it’s tested.

And this is where you may get stuck. What should I offer and what would that look like?

First of all, there are many good reasons to choose guest podcasting as a tactic:

1. You’ll reach an entirely new, engaged audience. appearing as a guest puts you in front of a loyal group of followers and opens the door to a whole new set of people who prefer to listen to their content. And 4 in 10 Americans are tuning into podcasts.

2. You can improve trust, credibility, and relationships. It makes you human, people are putting a voice to your site or picture, but it creates a relationship with the host. You get to know them and they get to know you. There’s some real in-depth dialogue and discussion going on. The average podcast length is over 40 minutes. 40 minutes to establish a business relationship. This can open new doors and opportunities for you, maybe other collaborations or partnerships.

3. You only need to show up. You’ve done all the prep work and the host will do the heavy lifting by editing, hosting, marketing, and promoting.

But if you think you can simply go on a podcast to pitch your business or products and sales will fall from the sky, it doesn’t work that way.

First, find relevant podcasts that serve your ideal audience. The content or topic has to match what you can deliver to that audience.  If not, it will come across as something is off.

Second, offer value instead of just talking about yourself. You are there to provide value to the host’s audience, not brag about yourself. What I like to do is tell stories and offer suggestions. I’ve got lots of failure stories that people can definitely relate to as well as ways to help people take action, so I’ll do “here are three steps, step 1 is…”

Have a clear call to action. Always offer listeners a way to stay connected with you. The best way is to share a free resource and provide a simple URL.

First, think of what adds the most value and makes sense for you to offer. It has to be something relevant to what you do and that matches the topic or the theme of the interview. If your topic talked all about how to market candles on Etsy but your offer is how to balance your accounting software, it will seem off-kilter or not a match.

Provide the opt-in to your offer, whether it’s a video, swipe files, ecourse, case study, free trial, webinar. Anything that you can give away to your audience that demonstrates the quality of your product or service. And then, because these will be people new to you, you want to provide lots of value in your follow-up or nurture sequence.

Your goal is to nurture, share your knowledge, and impress them. Provide value, educate them, let them understand the value of what you do,
Don’t just give them the download and add them to your sales list. What I like to do is add a Do Not Disturb tag until they have gone through the sequence so they aren’t getting offers and sales right off the bat.

If you don’t have a free one, ask people to connect with you via your favorite social platform.

Finally, follow up with the host about when your episode will air and how they’d like you to promote it. You want to be a good guest, so be sure to post it on Twitter, Facebook, your subscriber list, and add to your media page.

I wish you luck in using this tactic, if you have more ideas, be sure to post them below.

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