#34: Guest Podcasting: What to do Before, During & After the Interview

Aug 19, 2018 | Marketing / Automation, Office Operations

This month’s topic is “being seen and being heard” and we are focusing on the marketing tactic of guest podcasting.

In this video I talk about a very important distinction: strategies vs tactics.

Often, business owners will jump into doing a bunch of tactics without having a strategy. Basically, doing things that aren’t going to get you to your goal and we know that leads to Wasting Time Town. This is where you end up feeling like everything you are doing is wasting your time, wasting your money, and you begin feeling burned out because everything you are doing just isn’t working. It could be that you are doing a bunch of tactics that don’t support your strategy, so I give you an example of where guest podcasting fits into your overall marketing strategy.

Finally, I give you my simple system for what to do before, during, and after your interview.

This week’s downloadable is a Guest Podcasting Worksheet.

I give you a worksheet to create your own ‘host prep sheet’ to have ready before your interview, as well as my systems for what to do during and after.

Grab the worksheet here.

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