You may think that being introverted means that a person is shy. That’s not necessarily the case. Introverts do tend to prefer one on one conversation over group meetings. They also tend to require a significant amount of quiet time to think and reflect.

What Is an Introvert?

According to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment, introverts are motivated internally. They are thinkers and can become so locked inside their own head that they appear cut off from others. These tendencies can make it difficult to meet people, make connections, and network. Yet connections can help build a business.

When you meet the right people you…

* Can build a team of experts to support you to succeed
* Can forge powerful partnerships and increase profits and success
* Leverage relationships
* Lead people within your organization
* Build a community of followers, prospects, and customers

In short, relationships are essential for success. Yet introverts can struggle to meet people and forge these powerful and profitable relationships. Here are a few things you can do to meet more people if you’re an introvert.

How to Meet People and Build Connections

#1 Set goals

Set a goal to meet one new person each day. It may be online, via a social networking site, or it can be when you’re out and about conducting your daily business. Keep business cards with you, engage the person in conversation and learn more about them. This is manageable because introverts thrive in one on one situations. The challenge here is to find the motivation to actually meet more people. Remember, relationships build a business. The more people you know, the more opportunities you’re exposed to.

#2 Build connections

As you begin meeting people, start asking those you connect with on a personal or professional level who they know. You can leverage five connections into twenty-five if each person you meet introduces you to five new people. Your network will begin to grow and you’ll be meeting people who are like minded. It’s a wonderful way to build a support network.

#3 Set time aside

Set time aside to recharge and refresh. This is particularly important if you’re taking time to get out and meet new people. For example, if you spend an hour networking online, then make sure to schedule an hour of downtime that day too. It’s too easy to become overwhelmed and burned out if you spend a lot of time networking and neglect the downtime an introvert requires.

Introverts have a spectacular ability to brainstorm, problem solve, innovate and build a business. Yet the ability to meet new people and leverage relationships is a challenge. Appeal to your ability to connect with people on a one on one basis and start meeting more people in a relaxed and comfortable manner. There’s no need to force yourself into a public speaking situation or into a large-scale networking group. Work to your strengths.