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#106: SOP Format Types

#106: SOP Format Types

We each have unique businesses and business structures, and there is no official right or wrong way to do this, but what I want to do is provide you with some steps to follow that will help organize your thoughts and plan the most effective way to document your processes for your business.  And this is much, much easier if you have a format. In this video, I’m going to show you three types of SOP formats.

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#105: Getting Started with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

#105: Getting Started with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

If you have been running your business up to this point relying on your memory with no SOPs to speak of in order to get things done, things will eventually fall through the cracks. I promise. In this video, I break it all down step by step by giving you a 2-step process to getting started.

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