Getting the word out about your products and services can seem daunting these days. After all, there may be bigger brands out there who seem to have a huge advantage over smaller businesses. But the truth is, you can stand out and boost your brand creatively if you think about the different ways you can spread brand awareness today. Let’s look at a few.

Develop Effective Marketing Collateral

From your website to print material – anything you use for spreading the word about your brand – keep all marketing collateral consistent. If you create something that isn’t getting the results you want, tweak it based on the analytics that you learn about. It’s an ongoing process to properly brand and promote your business. Don’t think you’ll just do it once and move on.

Keep Your Branding across All Platforms On- and Offline

Don’t confuse your audience. Be consistent with everything, from the colors and fonts to the words you use to brand your business. This is how your audience gets to know you. They like believing that they can count on you to be consistent in not only looks but also action.

Optimize Your Website / Blog

Do the behind the scenes and in front of the scenes optimizations that are needed. Learn all you can about on-page and off-page SEO because all the tactics you learn will help you get the word out about your brand.

Brand Yourself Too

This is important if your name and face are associated with your brand. When you are your brand, you need to ensure that you’re dressing your brand, talking your brand, and always looking like your brand when you’re out in the public or otherwise representing your brand. It might help to talk to a person who helps people brand themselves.

Develop Your Brand Voice

A brand voice may seem like a hard concept to grasp, but think about some famous brands that you know. Starbucks, McD’s, and Target all have their own brand voice. You think of something when you think of certain brands like Martha Stewart or Kellogg’s. If you want your brand to be thought of a certain way, you’ll need to develop a brand voice that spreads those thoughts to your audience.

Sponsor Certain Events

A really good way to boost your brand is to start sponsoring events that you know your audience will attend. Big brands do this too; think of how often you see Coke or T-Mobile’s advertising at various events. You can do this on a smaller scale. If your audience is at the event, consider trying a sponsorship to see if you get traction from it. Sometimes you may need to sponsor certain events repeatedly to achieve this.

Donate to Specific Charities

Another way to get your audience to take notice is to donate regularly to your audience’s favorite charity. If you already have customers, you can simply poll them to find out which charity you should donate to each year. If you have an audience but no customers, send out a poll to them too and adjust as you gain audience members who become customers.

Get Other People to Praise You

This may make you uncomfortable, but the truth is, getting your name mentioned by a mover and shaker in the industry can mean a lot for your brand awareness. One way to do this is to practice content curation from movers and shakers. To do content curation right, it’s best to get some training. You can get that from Kelly McCausey’s Smart Curation Challenge which opens for those interested a couple of times a year.

Boosting your brand so that more people learn about your offerings is an essential component of marketing and advertising. You may need to use both free and paid methods to accomplish that but if you consider your audience first, go where they are and are consistent about what your brand voice is throughout, you’ll boost awareness exponentially.