#19: Desktop Decluttering and File Organizing

May 6, 2018 | Office Operations

Spring cleaning is in full swing at my house! This year I really wasn’t in any kind of cleaning mood and was rather enjoying the cooler weather. But then by mid-April, I had cleaned out all the closets, garage, dressers, made three trips to Goodwill and even hauled off things to the dump.  I do this pretty much every year and every year it drives husband nuts!

I also like to keep a tidy operation when it comes to organizing my office, paper filing systems, and especially digital filing systems. Most people have heard that having too many files on your desktop will slow down your computer. Is it true? Kind of, but not really. With computers nowadays, it may slow down certain processes by a fraction of a degree, but assuming you have a modern computer, it’s unlikely to pose a serious problem. The real problem with desktop disorganization – and file disorganization in general – is that it’s going to slow you down because you are wasting time. How much time have you wasted trying to find a particular file and then had to recreate something because you couldn’t find it?

I love creating systems where everything has a place! In this week’s video, I show you my one-folder filing solution for your desktop and sample file organization structures to get you started with your own digital filing system.

This week’s downloadable is a Sample File Organization Structures.

I show you sample organizational structures for your own business, working with a client, and what it looks like inside one of my training programs.

Grab the swipe file here.




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