#99: “Set and Forget Systems” – Digital Signatures

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As we wrap up our “Set and Forget System” theme for the month, in this video I go over another often-neglected basic – your digital signature.

Digital signatures are important because you can add a sign-up link, call to action, and other social connection links to emails that you are already sending out, but the fact is that many people don’t take advantage of this simple marketing basic.

In this short video, I go over three email signature tips, examples, and more!

Welcome to systems Sunday and we are wrapping up this month’s theme of set and forget systems. Today we are going to go over another often-neglected basic – digital signatures.

I’m mainly going to go over email signatures, but you can very well modify it so that it can also fit into your autoresponder emails as well as private forums. Digital signatures are important because you can add a sign-up link, call to action, other social connection links to emails you are already sending out but many people don’t take advantage of.

Three email-signature tips:

  1. Don’t throw everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink into your email signature. Think about the specific action you want them to take next—and be selective
  2. Include an image or graphic: Your headshot or logo will help brand your business as your subscribers get used to seeing it every time.
  3. Don’t make your email signature sound like a business corporation. Keep it personal. Speak to your ideal subscriber’s biggest need—even in your signature

Here’s my email signature for my business email, it includes a specific action to sign up for my free course which goes to their biggest need. Because I serve two audiences, I have two. I’m also making it personal by adding my photo rather than my logo.

Another example is to use your signature to highlight your expertise. Why this works, he has a personal photo and the vertical banner on the right takes advantage of what would otherwise be white space as well as reinforce the user’s expertise in their field.

Last example – Email signatures are called signatures for a reason, though very few actually use a real, handwritten signature. By doing so, it adds a unique touch that feels more personal than a text-based signature. This can be a good choice for those who want to add a more human feel to their signature.

 The three primary ways to create a signature for your email include: manually (through your email provider), with an email signature generator (e.g., WiseStamp), or hiring a graphic designer to create a custom signature for you (e.g., using Fiverr). While each of these are solid options, I recommend making it easy on yourself and using an email signature generator. I added some links below in the resource center.

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Have a great rest of your month everyone, see you next time.

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