Digital asset management (DAM) is a way to keep your digital content organized. Digital content may include images, documents, audio, graphics, apps, software, and video clips.

When you organize your digital assets all in one place, it helps you to find them more easily so you can use them or share them. Most of the time this includes housing these digital assets in the cloud, which makes it available for you to use anytime and anyplace as long as you have an internet connection.

* Get Honest with Yourself – You know that your filing system is working for your needs if you’re not getting frustrated when you’re trying to find something. If you know what you have, know how to find it, can use it or share it easily, then you don’t really have a problem. But if the people who need the files cannot get them without asking you to find them, there may be a better way.

* Consider File Names – When you name a file with descriptive names, it helps you find it. For example, instead of naming an image file a number, name it by what it is. File names don’t have to be that short today. You can also come up with a file naming convention that automatically organizes your files. For example, if it’s an image file, you might start with the letter “I” to indicate it is an image.

* Do You Have Trouble Finding Digital Assets When You Need Them? – If you cannot find the assets you know you have when you need them, this is a major sign that you need DAM. You need more than just storing them on your hard drive or in Dropbox. You need digital asset management.

* Adding Metadata – One thing you can do right now to documents that allow it, is to fill in the metadata information. You can do this via the file name, but for example in MS Word, you can go to document properties and fill in information that will make it easier for you and others to find it within the DAM system.

* You Need Security – It’s hard to imagine this, but your files are not actually safe on your computer’s hard drive. Today, it’s known that digital storage is much safer than storing that data on site where anyone can walk in and take it. When you use good DAM software and technology, it will not only integrate with other technologies you use but it will keep your files secure too.

* DAM Technology – DAM is much more than just file storage. DAM technology is set up to keep your files secure, organized, easily sharable and useable. Look at and, for example.

* Put Customer Experience First – Some DAM tech allows you to deliver specialized content to your customers and website visitors based on their preferences and actions. When you can do anything that makes delivering content easier and more understandable to your audience, then that is what you should do.

Keep in mind that business owners waste a lot of time trying to find their digital assets due to poor file management on their computers and the storage solutions they choose, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. Without a good solution for DAM, you’ll still run into trouble finding and sharing the files quickly. But, with a good solution for DAM, you’ll save hours every week and become that much more effective for your customers.