#119: Expanding Your Reach Exponentially by Collaborating

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This month’s theme is “How to Get Clients Even if You Hate Marketing.”

Building an audience is not an overnight job. It takes patience, consistency, and dedication to share your knowledge with the world in order to grow your business. However, collaborating with a joint venture partner allows you to ping a totally new audience who is interested in your particular topic.

In this video, I show you how to expand your reach exponentially by collaborating.

Welcome to Systems Sunday, I hope I’m giving you some great ways to get clients for those of you who hate marketing and today’s topic is expanding your reach exponentially by collaborating. I am Lisa Wells, your Virtual Assistant Trainer.

Building an audience is not an overnight job. It takes patience, consistency, and dedication to share your knowledge with the world in order to grow your business. However, collaborating with a Joint Venture partner allows you to ping a totally new audience who is interested in your particular topic.

Of course, the most important challenge in this option is to find a great collaborating partner. Connect with a colleague who has a sizable footprint AND works in a related (but not identical) topic area. Working with a direct competitor is difficult because you’ll run the risk of producing similar packages and fighting for the same one-on-one clients. But if you’re in similar fields, it’s safe to promote each other’s services without any fear of diminishing your own following.

Unfortunately, many online business owners will use the size of your email list as a determining factor of whether a joint collaboration will be a good move. As we all know, having a monster size list doesn’t mean they’re converting whereas a small but targeted list can be worth its weight in gold because they love almost every offer you send. However, someone who has 10K names may really hesitate to join someone with only 200 names on their list simply because they may be afraid you’re trying to poach customers.

When approaching someone about a JV opportunity, you always want to frame the opportunity as a win-win for both of you. If your chosen prospect feels like you’re just trying to get in front of her audience without any benefit to them, move on to another JV prospect.

I have a free “Profitable Joint Ventures” video series that includes a Sample JV Inquiry Letter at https://virtualassistanttrainer.com/jv-gettoyes/ and I’ll put the link in the resources section.

When I talk of collaborating, this doesn’t mean you’re committing to building an empire with this person. there are many natural ways to collaborate to get in front of these new audiences. Here are some ideas:

  • Swap blog posts. Also known as “guest blogging” you publish your partner’s blog post on your own blog and they publish YOUR post on their blog.
  • Take over each other’s social media feeds for a day or week. This is a fun way to share your partner’s perspective on topics other than business.
  • Record a video together. Or, if you’re adventurous, a series of short videos with calls to action at the end. Video doesn’t mean you both have to be on screen. You can each divide up a certain topic into smaller bits and record your own video with voice-over; these can be uploaded to each of your social media accounts and promoted to your audiences.
  • Guest speaker – if you are a specialist on a specific topic, then there are lots of opportunities to speak on that topic. I’ve done many guest spots teaching on how to package up your services – so your job is to speak on a topic that solves a problem and find opportunities. One opportunity is Tawnya Sutherland VA Virtuosos. She runs this every year and as with most of these opportunities, they are free. Think about it, partners putting on the summits or series need speakers on a variety of topics! So it’s another natural way to get in front of a new audience.

Which brings me to this last very important point: Don’t create fluff! Make sure the content you create is interesting and valuable and solves a problem. Build your business and your reputation based on the content you create and the desire to help your target audience instead of focusing on how to make a quick buck and you’ll win every time.

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Coming up next week on how to get more clients even if you hate marketing is to make sure your follow-up game is on point. See you then!


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