If you could watch your brain for just a few minutes, you’d likely freak about the different things you try to understand, analyze, process, remember, and store to memory.

It’s a complicated process. Millions of thoughts cross our minds daily.

Most people let things pile up and procrastinate until they’re overwhelmed. But when your brain is overwhelmed and stressed, you won’t be able to stay focused on the most important priorities.

So, how can you fix this?

Organize All Your Thoughts with a Brain Dump

Have you ever wondered why great people – including Abraham Lincoln, Isaac Newton, Marcus Aurelius, and Maya Angelou – would spend most of their valuable time writing what would never be seen by anyone else?

Scheduling time to think and write helps you prioritize, clarify your thoughts, and accomplish your most important tasks.

Writing is the best way to organize your ideas because when your brain isn’t busy remembering everything, you can process things better. Plus, writing helps your brain stop stressing about what needs to be done in a few hours or by tomorrow.

Studies show that note-taking helps us understand things better and remember better than if we had only heard or read it.

Periodic “Brain Dumps” Improve Focus

A brain dump helps get all your thoughts out of your head; this helps you to focus on one idea at a time.

It’s time to organize everything on your mind: your thoughts, concerns, needs, desires, wants, important and urgent activities, and everything else. These things get stuck in your mind over time and they distract you from focusing on the important things you need to accomplish.

A brain dump can help you declutter your mind. It’s a great tool that can make you feel in control of things in your life.

In contrast, if you constantly keep all your thoughts and ideas in your head, your mind will keep bringing them up over and over, which will make you feel stressed and overwhelmed.

You don’t want this to happen, especially if you want the mental clarity to focus on the most important priorities in your life and business.

Remove all the scattered thoughts and ideas from your mind by writing them down, then organize and execute them with ease.

Good Times to Do a Brain Dump

If possible, a daily brain dump at the end of each day will prepare you for the next day.

You can do this in five minutes or less.

This is the best way to end your day because you then don’t have to think about everything you need to get done.

At the end of each day, look back at what you have done, what you have learned, and what you need to do the following day.

The best times to write your thoughts include:

  • When you’re very busy. It helps to prioritize your activities.
  • When you feel stressed. It’s relaxing to take a break and reset.
  • When you seem to accomplish nothing. It pays to re-evaluate what’s important.
  • When you have too many deadlines.
  • When a new idea pops up. It’s good to jot down a few details.
  • When you’re making life-changing career and life changes.
  • When you’re learning something new.

How to Do a Brain Dump Successfully

It’s easy to do a brain dump. You only need a piece of paper or a notebook, a whiteboard, a word document; any medium where you can write down your ideas, thoughts, or concerns as quickly as possible.

Write everything; don’t hold back or limit yourself.

Write everything you need to do or have thought about doing; anything and everything with no priority. Note down what’s distracting you, your fears, and what you feel you should focus on. What’s important and urgent?

Write everything on your mind.

Now, take a break.

Then, get back to your list and organize the items. Organize by prioritizing and grouping everything you’ve written.

You can change these groups later, but for now, choose the simplest groups to start with.

Example priorities for a blogger could be writing, cold-pitching, personal projects, family, and friends.

Doing a brain dump is that easy! If you practice more, it’ll become a habit. At first, it may feel overwhelming. However, you’ll feel fulfilled and in control over time.