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>> How to Gracefully Announce and Handle a Rate Increase with Clients

It doesn’t matter if you are a brand new virtual assistant or you’ve been in business a few years, eventually there comes a time, sooner or later, when you need to raise your rates. Here’s where many virtual professionals stall and get stuck. If you are new, you often don’t feel confident enough to announce a rate increase. Your biggest fear is that the client or two you’ve landed will get offended and drop your services. But guess what? Even more experienced VAs who ought to know better suffer from these same two problems. They work themselves into the ground for the most modest fees, terrified that they will lose a major client if they hike their rates. On top of that, perhaps you’ve made one or more of the mistakes new VAs often make and now you are left feeling that now you’re stuck with the consequences. In this on-demand training presentation, I’ll help you navigate your way through these common obstacles—and help you take action gracefully and confidently when it is time to announce a rate increase to your clients.

>> Getting Started as a VA

I know it can seem really overwhelming!  “How do I get started?” “Do I need training?” “Where do I find clients?” Many times just taking the first step is all you need.  I shared all the answers in this on-demand training presentation.  I broke everything down in small, bite-sized, easy-to-handle pieces.

>> 7-Step Formula to Setting Your Rates and Getting Away From ‘Dollars for Hours’

I’m guessing your training program, school, or ebook probably didn’t teach you how to set your rates, so what are you left to do? Look around at what everyone else is charging and follow suit.  The problem is, when everyone around you is stuck in dollars-for-hours mode AND undercharging, it’s all too easy to form a belief that you can’t charge what you’re really worth or really want.  Sign up to access the on-demand training presentation in which I share with you different pricing models and pricing formulas and walk you through the 7-Step formula that you can use to start charging what you’re worth!

>> The 3 Biggest Marketing Mistakes VAs Make (and how to turn it around to attract more clients)

We all know that we have to get prospects to visit our site if we’re going to retain any clients. Often when we try to get traffic, we find that it’s just a bit more complicated than that. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just put a website or blog up and clients (and money) would start rolling in? Of course, it doesn’t work that way. But the good news is, marketing your virtual assistant business doesn’t have to be complicated. Check out this on-demand training presentation in which I share with you the 3 Biggest Mistakes I see virtual assistants making with their websites and how to turn it around so you can get more clients!

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