Listed below are free training sessions – all you have to do is click the links to the individual opt-in pages, sign up and you’ll get the recording for free!

>> Getting Started as a Virtual Assistant

I know it can seem really overwhelming!  “How do I get started?” “Do I need training?” “Where do I find clients?” Many times just taking the first step is all you need.  I shared all the answers in this on-demand training presentation.  I broke everything down in small, bite-sized, easy-to-handle pieces.

>> How to Double Your Revenue & Work Less by Creating Service Packages That Sell

If you’ve been feeling stuck in your business lately and you want to no longer work with clients charging by the hour and you want to make more money, work less and have more freedom and flexibility, start charging what you’re worth, get a shortcut on package preparation so that you can simplify your business and set it up for success, and stop penalizing yourself for being fast (let’s face it, you make HALF AS MUCH as a slower VA! That suuuucks!)

Well, I have good news! If you are stuck in the “charging by the hour” trap, I am going to show you a new way – a BETTER way – to run your business so that you can stop charging by the hour and tracking your time WHILE making more money and working with more ideal clients! We cover a better way to earn more money AND work less, the EXACT steps I used to create my own packages and what I have taught hundreds of others to do for years, how to create packages that will work for your business, even if your clients need a “Jane of all trades” who handles everything from a blog post to a telesummit schedule, a completely new way of working with your clients in which they aren’t having to compute their return on investment AND you won’t be penalized for being fast, how to create the long-term leverage and freedom in your business that you’ve been missing.