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Why Freelance U?

Craig and Kelly created FreeU for people exactly like you… People who are ready to:

  • Move past the fear to launch and grow your dream business (don’t worry, they’re there to help)
  • Design the life you want and work toward your dreams—instead of someone else’s
  • Love your work and earn what you deserve by working with amazing clients—whenever and wherever you want
  • Build something sustainable that you OWN—a business, not a job

You want this. But how? There’s so much information out there about starting and growing a profitable freelance business!

Learn in-demand skills, gain confidence, and get expert support at the #1 University for Freelancers and Virtual Assistants!

What you get by joining Freelance University:

Gain access to 80+ specialized certifications and courses
Access current, in-demand training to sharpen your skills and income potential!
Join a thriving learning community of like-minded freelancers
Connect with an insightful network of supportive instructors and mentors to get the help you need
Access Freelance software tutorials, tools and resources to manage your business
Download a variety of relevant checklists, guides and templates to help you better serve your clients

And now…drumroll

The Virtual Assistant Trainer bonus suite!

VALUE $511

complete suite of growth and profit plans!

Simple systems for virtual professionals and serial procrastinators

From the creator of Profitable Packages and VA Business Essentials comes… a way to organize, simplify, and de-stress your business and your life!

These GROWTH AND PROFIT PLANS will help you plug the money leaks, simplify processes, and shorten the gaps so you can save time, make more money, and get rid of the overwhelm.

You’ll get:

Marketing and Relationship SystemsThese simple marketing and relationship systems will help you discover where you’re wasting time and losing opportunities, while teaching you how to take advantage of more of the people who are already coming through your virtual door. 

Client Onboarding & ManagementDelighting your clients from the start means they’ll return and send referrals. Without a great intake system, you’ll end up recreating the wheel over and over again. #wasteoftimeandenergy

Creating Products, Pricing, and SalesWithout a clear plan for delivering the products and services you sell, you’re simply flying by the seat of your pants. Aka winging it. Aka losing money.  

Internal Operations and Team ManagementIf building your high-performance team has eluded you or you haven’t even hired your first virtual team member, this module is going to be golden for you. I’m going to take you through the process of how to hire that special someone and how to effectively manage them.

Financial and Payment Systems  including simple bookkeeping systems, sample chart of accounts, and templates for collections, failed payments, renewals, and more!

VALUE $265

template bundle

Complete kit of over 300 forms, templates, and checklists

Complete kit of over 300 forms, templates, checklists, & spreadsheets! 

ALL templates, forms, checklists, user guides, training sheets from the following collections and action kits:

* Organizing Your Business Collection
* Working With Clients Collection
* Marketing Templates Collection
* Business Finances Starter Kit
* Social Media Collection
* 7 Ways to Get More Traffic To Grow Your Business with Pinterest
* What Should I Post on Facebook Today?

BONUS: You’ll also get my 30-day Business Planner to help get yourself and your business on the right track! Includes Step-by-Step 30-Day Business Planner (17-pages) and 4-page checklist.

SURPRISE! Just added…

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Includes 24 examples plus guide of common SOPs with ideas

This standard operating procedures kit includes:

  • List of Common SOPs (15-page guide giving you samples of what areas can be included and bullet point ideas)
  • Standard Operating Procedures Library including 24 examples
    • Sample Standard Operating Procedures Manual
    • How to do an affiliate payout
    • Chargeback procedure
    • Email signature
    • Resources and FAQ
    • Email Management flowchart
    • Handling declined payments
    • Help desk procedures
    • How to create a project plan flowchart
    • How to send a broadcast
    • Introductory / Discovery sessions flowchart
    • New client setup (for both products and services)
    • New team member onboarding checklist
    • Newsletter process
    • Overcoming sales objections flowchart
    • Recording InstantTeleseminar events
    • Refund procedure
    • Sample JV Partnership flowchart
    • Selecting a CRM/Database flowchart
    • Task management flowchart
    • Weekly blog posts
    • Weekly tasks

All the examples are in Word or Powerpoint format so they are fully editable. Use the examples in the SOP template library as a jumping-off point to documenting your processes and creating your own standard operating procedures!

VALUE $498

profitable packages

Chance to Win One of TWO Spots

Profitable Packages is my signature blueprint program for creating and implementing service and support packages that set you apart from your competitors, attracts your ideal client, and best of all, enables you to start charging based on your value and not by the hour.

In Module 1, it’s all about the package planning phase and really uncovering the value you bring and how to communicate that value to the clients who will hire you. 

I’ll dive more into how to find your value – many VAs really get stuck about what it is exactly they bring to the table that clients are willing to pay big money for and I walk you through this.  

Module 2 is all about creating your packages. This is where we are going to get heavily into all things packages: service packages, support packages, custom packages, ala carte, add-ons, and when to use and how to use bonuses (yes, they are all separate!). 

I’ll show you how you can structure your packages for maximum revenue by building in ‘levels’ for more profit and value.

Module 3 goes deep into pricing your packages. I’ll show you the best way to display these packages on your site (Yes this really matters!). And even what to do when you get a ‘No’. So there’s no guesswork forevermore about how to figure out your package pricing.  

In Module 4 (my favorite!), I go over how to transition your clients into packages, some strategies and examples that you can use so you don’t have to start from scratch. 

I also teach you, and this is my favorite part, a soft-sell script that makes the new client on-boarding process a breeze. We’re going to create that entire sequence from the initial contact to what happens after they become a client so that you are not only wowing them with your organization and diligence, but you are instantly creating trust and credibility. I will show you how. 

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Email me with any questions. I can’t say enough good things about FreeU!

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