Most of All Have Fun – It’s Really Not All Serious Business

I recently attended the IVAA Live Summit down in Orlando, FL. I had to make a couple of speeches, give a 3-hour workshop, work work work, take people out to dinner, and be available to my sister VAs. Yes it was a LOT of work, but it was also a giant blast! We ate, we drank, we sat in the sun, we walked around Disney Springs, we goofed around, drank some more… Here are some pictures:









Being the president of the Int’l Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), I do a LOT of work! But I also know how to have fun 🙂  Being with other VAs for an entire week, it’s hard not to.

But I also see something missing in our industry: joy and passion.

Many virtual assistants sometimes have trouble balancing fun, joy, and passion and business. They think that they have to be ALL serious ALL the time in order to be taken seriously. But the truth is, business can be fun too. After all, you spend most of your waking life working. That’s the truth, so why not also have fun with what you do for most of your life? It will not only make you more profitable, it will also make your life better.

* Fun and Humor Is Energizing – When people are happy and laugh, it releases endorphins that give them more energy to keep working. If you can bring that fun to yourself if you work alone, or to your team if you have one, you’ll see that they are more energetic and work even more with that little fun and humor break. I have a 4th grade sense of humor so I pretty much see humor in everything.

* Fun and Humor Build Memories – When you build goodwill with your audience, customers, and co-workers, it often starts with memories. Fun and humor can make for excellent bonding memories that make the bond stronger. Some of the VAs that attended this year have been coming for many years, while others hadn’t been at a summit for a while and reconnected with old friends. What we all had in common was memories.

* Fun and Humor Can Break Tension – If something is heavy and causing you to get down, having some fun or poking fun with humor at a situation can help break tension. This works well when speaking in public if you’re nervous. Poking fun at something will make you and others laugh, which will immediately release tension.

* Fun and Humor Increase Productivity – When people are happy, energized and lacking tension, they tend to work harder and faster and more accurately. Think of days that you were super productive. One of the least fun activities during Live Summit is packing up all the boxes to ship on to the director of marketing. We are talking about 4 hours of work while everyone else is having fun. But we made it a party and knocked it out in no time.

* Fun and Humor Boost Creativity – When you are sure to clear your mind with fun and humor, your creativity will sprout like you never thought possible. Creativity also feels good. If you have a business that is very fact and data-centric, find a way to be creative with that information such as by creating infographics.

* Fun and Humor Make People Feel Wonderful – When you are having fun, you have more energy, and feel better. Your blood pressure will even go down. Life seems a pleasure, and work seems like fun too when you can insert humor into your day. You are definitely in the vortex when you feel this way.

* Fun and Humor Builds Loyal Communities – When people see the humorous and fun side of you, such as singing karaoke at an event on Saturday night, that is going to bleed over into the work day and business. They’ll feel closer to you and want to do business with you even more. This is why Live Summit is so popular! The main theme is of course learning, but we do it while having fun.

* Fun and Humor Makes Even Bad News Better – They say that a little sugar makes the medicine go down. Well, a little fun and humor, delivered tactfully, will make bad news go down better too. There is always going to be bad news, or mistakes, but you can turn them around and see the humor in it.

Having fun in business is possible. And I want you to see how you can build more joy and passion into your business! You can have fun and get work done. You can bring energy, life and fun to the business environment in a way that doesn’t stop your business from being successful but actually improves its success.

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