#4: Setting & Planning to Achieve Your Goals Using SMART Goals

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You’ve probably heard of S.M.A.R.T goals before…and that’s because it’s a formula that works. Because too many times, we talk about goals like they’re dreams – “I wish I could make this much money” or “I’d love to spend less time working.”

Put your dreams into action by setting goals!

In this brief video, I show you the formula and some examples of how to apply it to your goal planning.

Welcome to Systems Sunday. We are continuing with our theme of goal planning, goal setting, and reaching your goals. Today we are going to talk about SMART goals.

You might have heard the acronym S.M.A.R.T. stands for specific, measurable, actionable, results-based or realistic, and trackable. I have other words that I use and you’ll find that out here in a second as we go through the worksheet. I’m going to go through it quickly because I do have a download for you that will make it all the more easier for you to use something to help you with your goal setting. 

Too many times we treat our goals as dreams. “Oh, I wish I can make this much money.” “It would be nice to work less.” These are not specific, so until you make them specific, it’s hard to reach them. 

1. Specific 

Your goals need to be spelled out very precisely and for me, it helps to have a reason WHY behind your goal. Why do I want to make this much money or why do I want to work less? So that I can spend more time with my fur-children, that’s why.

2.  Measurable

You need to measure it so that you know if you are on the right track, that’s why you want to measure them.

3. Actionable

Are they attainable, achievable, actionable?  Can you take action to achieve them? it answers the question of “how can I accomplish this goal?” “How realistic is this goal?”

4. Realistic

Is it realistic, relevant, or results-based? When I think of a goal, I ask is it worthwhile? Is it the right time to do this? This is what you can ask yourself as you write out the goals. 

5. Time-Bound

Is it timely? Is it trackable? When is this going to happen? If it’s going to happen “some time” in the future, it’s probably never going to happen. So you want to make sure you have something that’s timely.

That is SMART goals. You can opt-in below to get the downloadable.

We are going to end our series next week with how to avoid overwhelm by breaking things up into achievable tasks. 


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