How Can I Develop My Virtual Assistant Skills?

How Can I Develop My Virtual Assistant Skills?

To answer this question, the first thing you need to determine is what type of virtual assistant (VA) you want to be. The way to do that is to determine who you want to work with. Who is your ideal client? Then you need to determine what skills you need to serve that ideal client. After that, you can then determine how to learn that skill. These tips might give you some ideas.

Learning Software

When you become a VA, it’s likely you’ll need to learn a lot about specific types of software such as email marketing software or shopping cart software. First, look to the software company to find out if they offer training. This training may be more expensive than other types of training, but you can usually walk away with certification that has true meaning.

If they don’t have training, or you cannot afford it, you can then look outside of the software to the users to find out if anyone has developed their own training. This may be less expensive, but do realize that unless they have an agreement with the software creator, their certification really isn’t worth anything. Finally, you can find someone who wants to train someone else in exchange for work – a bit like on-the-job training or an internship. This doesn’t mean that you have to work free, but it does mean you might take a huge pay cut in exchange for learning.

Business Coaching

You can learn a lot from a business coach that specializes in the type of VA work you want to do. They often offer long-term programs (six to sixteen weeks) that can help lead you through what you need to do for a particular niche such as social media marketing. They may go over all the skills you need, the software you need, and even how to get clients. Check out my training programs here.

Finding a group coaching situation that is right for you can be difficult and costly. Make sure that the person has experience being a VA in the field they’re trying to teach, and that they have a good reputation. Ask around Facebook groups to find out who is a great coach before you hand over your money. I also offer private coaching/consulting, check that out here.

Do It for Your Business

When you start a VA business, become your own best client first. Schedule the work you need to do for your business as if you’re a client. If you say that you’re an excellent social media marketing VA, then show people by doing that for yourself. Do for yourself what you say you can do for them.

Going through the processes will help you learn what skills you’re lacking. Each time you confront something that you need to know, you can seek the information from colleagues, online training, and even local training at a university or college if needed. Nothing can stop you from learning what you need to know.

Developing VA skills simply takes perseverance and the ability to find what you need, by being honest about your strengths and weaknesses.

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