Lead generation is essential for every business that exists. Whether you’re a mom and pop, an online lifestyle business (like mine), or a large corporation, you need to generate more leads, nurture those leads, and get to know them so that you can make more effective offers to them. Here are some ideas to generate more leads that you can try.

  • Make More Offers – The more products, services, and freebies you offer, the more touchpoints your ideal customer experiences, and the more likely they are to convert to your list or make a purchase.
  • Optimize Your Website – Use all the tools of the trade to optimize your site for SEO, technology, and user experience. Your website needs to work when your guests come to it, and it needs to work fast and on any device.
  • Host Contests and Giveaways – Get more buzz and make it fun for your current customers by hosting contests and giveaways. When others see your customers having so much fun, they’ll want to join in.
  • Go Live Randomly and Planned – Today, video is more powerful than almost any other content type. You still need text content but using video is often more effective. You do need to study this fact for yourself as all audiences are different. But for the most part, people are more likely to share a video. You can go live, record it, and then reuse the content you develop on the fly.
  • Engage with Leads Once Collected –The remarkable fact of collecting more leads is that you can engage with your ideal customers once you’ve got them on your list. Send nurturing messages, informative messages, testimonials, and other information, while also inviting them to come to your social media platforms.
  • Pay for and Use the Right Tools – Don’t skimp on the right lead generation tools such as landing page management, customer service relationship management, and more. Set benchmarks so you’ll know at what point you’ll add new technology. The more you use tech to achieve these results, the more you’ll succeed.
  • Be Where Your Audience Is – Whatever you do, you need to ensure your information is in front of your audience. Learning who they are and where they like to get their information is part of the lead generation process. Guest blog, post on social media, write articles for industry publications, and speak at your audience’s events.
  • Develop More Interactive Content – Finding ways to engage with your audience will lead to more leads and, ultimately, more sales. Try adding quizzes, polls, and other types of interactive content to help guide your audience.
  • Analyze and Use the Data You Collect – Use the tools you have available to examine the data that you collect. For example, how high is your conversion rate for your awareness-focused freebie? Once they download it and join your list, how likely are they to make a purchase, and how long does it take on average? All this info is essential for you to know to help guide your marketing choices.
  • Try a New Idea Regularly – Don’t stop researching information about lead generation and marketing to your ideal audience. There are new ideas, tools, and information almost every single day that can help improve your actions.

Lead generation is more manageable today compared to just twenty years ago due to all the automation technology that exists. Back then, if you wanted to build a landing page, collect email addresses, and communicate with them, it cost you a lot more. But now, the technology is ubiquitous, and you can find something in your budget to make it all work for your type of business.