You’ve been busy planning, writing, and marketing your business. Days go by. Months go by. And suddenly years have gone past and you cannot remember the last time you took an active look at your website and updated it. I have an idea for you…Why not take advantage of a fresh new year to get your site back in shape? Here are a few tips, ideas, and strategies to bring your website up to date – and some of them are so simple you can start right now.

#1 Analytics

Please, please add analytics to your site. Google Analytics are free and the information you receive is priceless. After one week with analytics installed you’ll know why people come to your site, how long they stay, what they click on and what keywords they use to find you.

It’ll change your entire mindset when it comes to your site. You can put the most popular pages right up front where each visitor can see them and you can create similar content and pages to keep your prospects coming back to your site.

#2 Video

Video is an easy way to add a nice and personal touch. Your video doesn’t have to be long. You can include a short welcome video – less than one minute. Video helps give your visitors a face and voice to your site. It also helps them connect to you on a personal level. Did you know that people, you included, tend to buy from people you like and connect with? Video on a sales page can help you boost your conversions.

#3 Load It Up with Free Content

Do you have free content on your site? Not just free articles and perhaps videos but free reports, eBooks, video series – maybe even workbooks or online seminars. If you do have free content, make sure it’s up to date. You can update a free eBook and suddenly you have a new promotion to share with your audience. If you don’t have an abundance of free content, create some. It boosts your credibility, authority, and of course it keeps your visitors coming back to your site.

#4 Use Social Media Tools

Finally, let’s not forget about social media tools. Facebook, Twitter, and many other social sites have plug-ins and tools you can add to your site. They can help others share your information. They can also post updates and build your social media connections.

You might also consider other useful tools like a print function so visitors can print your articles and posts. And there’s just something beautiful about a site that allows you to subscribe to their content via email or via a reader. Give your audience options!

#5 Update Your Photo

There’s nothing better than a great professional-looking photo on a website. It creates a sense of legitimacy and transparency and allows people to relate and connect to you more easily.

Hire the best photographer you can afford and put in the time and effort needed for this essential marketing tool. You will increase your credibility, create a better impression, and provide that personal connection with your audience.

There’s five things you can do starting TODAY to bring your website up to date – get going!