#37: How to Build Your List Doing a Challenge

Sep 9, 2018 | Marketing / Automation

This month’s theme is List-Building and this week, it’s all about CHALLENGES!

(Yep, I did one of those too because, remember, I am a serial builder-lister person.)

You DO need to invest a lot of time and energy and be available throughout the challenge, but if done right, it’s a very effective list-builder because you can attract those outside your current audience or tribe, it’s easy to share and take part in them, and you can share you unique brilliance.

In my case, I got to geek out on systems for 5 DAYS STRAIGHT! Oh the sheer joy 😀

As with most campaigns and launches, there are a lot of moving parts. But I break it down for you and show you what it looked like behind the scenes and how I set up the campaign in Infusionsoft PLUS how you can repurpose the information once the challenge is over.

During the video, I refer to my quiz campaign, you can view that video here.

If Infusionsoft looks cool (It IS cool!) and you are interested in the program, I am a Certified Partner and reseller, so reach out to me and we can talk about pricing and benefits.




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