The space you work in has a dramatic effect on your creativity and your productivity. As an entrepreneur both of those factors are important. Yet most business owners and marketers focus more on creating a productive workspace than a creative one. Creativity is the fuel of a profitable business. It doesn’t matter if you’re creating content, products, or systems – imagination and innovation are the foundation of success. Design a creative workspace and prosper. Here’s how:

Identify the Good and the Bad, Then Wipe the Slate Clean

It’s often more difficult to tweak an environment to meet your needs than to create one from the ground up. So, identify what works for you and what doesn’t work for you then prepare yourself to start from scratch.

IMG_0467[1]For example, maybe your desk faces a wall and the wall works for you because you can post ideas and inspiration on the board. However it may also not work for you because it faces the wall and you don’t have a window or an ability to see people coming and going.

I love how I can focus to get work done, and then take a break and look outside the window.

Grab a Scratch Pad and Make a List of Things that Inspire

Step away from your office or workspace and start making a list of the things that make you smile or feel inspired. Do you love the color red, anything related to golf and hip hop music? Don’t restrict your list, feel free to write down anything and everything that comes to mind. Second, regardless of your artistic skills, start sketching your ideal layout. Strive to include space for some of the items on your list. For example, if you love music than create a place for it in your office.

Gather Your Tools

IMG_0466[1]What do you need in your space to facilitate creativity? Do you need a stockpile of post it notes and a cork board? Do you need a doodle pad and a handful of colored pencils? Are you inspired by people and quotes? Then you’ll need the ability to hang meaningful pictures and quotes in your space. If you are a water person then you might want a desktop fountain. Gather your notebooks and supplies that you need to take advantage of creative moments and to push through the blocks.

This is my office and I love to display my original artwork. So colorful!

Pull it all together. Begin to rebuild your space with creativity in mind. Your space doesn’t need to make sense to anyone else but you. Maybe you get rid of your desk and you use a shelf for your laptop. Standing is supposed to facilitate creativity and productivity. Maybe you cover one wall with plants or pictures your children colored. Your space should make you happy and inspire you to feel comfortable spending time inside your imagination. You’ll be amazed at the power of a creative workspace.