Due to the wonderful technology of digital recording, you can now easily teach anyone how to do anything with an instructional video. Have a customer who can’t figure out how to do something, but you know how? Just record a simple video to tell them how to do it.

But what if you could generate profits from instructional videos? The truth is, if you know how to do something (whether you have a business right now or not), you can earn money teaching others to do it with instructional videos.

* Put Them on YouTube – You can earn revenue on YouTube after you’ve built an audience to at least 3000 subscribers. If your topic is in demand and popular, you can bring in a good income stream by using instructional videos in this way.

* Add Them to a Membership Site – You can also start a membership site and upload all the instructional videos on there for your audience to watch whenever they want to. Organize them by topic so they’re easy to follow.

* Sell Them as a Course – Organize a series of instructional videos to teach your audience how to do something from start to finish, and sell them as a course. You can upload them to a site like Udemy.com or Teachable.com.

* Sell to a Corporation – Depending on the videos you’re making, there may be some business owners who would love to share your videos with their employees. Find the person who can make the choice and send them an example.

* Sell as Private Label Rights Videos – A lot of website owners in your niche need content. You can add to this content by adding blog posts, emails, and graphics to the videos and selling to them for their use with their clients (or however they want, depending on your comfort level with this idea).

* Add as Bonus – If you are promoting software that you will make money from, either due to it being yours or because you’re an affiliate, you can add your video as a bonus which may encourage more to buy.

* Use as the Basis for a Webinar – Another thing you can do is use the videos as a basis for your next webinar. You can provide more information and then play the video for them to learn how to do something, yet be there for questions.

Earning money from video is a great way to add to your passive income too. Even though making a video isn’t “really” passive, one video can make money for you for years to come if it’s about the right topic. If it’s about an evergreen topic such as cooking, it might make money forever.