How to Improve Your Autoresponders

While many companies invest a lot of their marketing resources in social media, there’s still a lot to be gained from email marketing. Unfortunately, there’s a tendency to set up an autoresponder and forget about it. However, small tweaks can dramatically improve your autoresponders performance. Take a look at the following tips and ideas. Embrace the ones that make sense for you and watch your email marketing investment increase.

#1 Personalize It

Instead of starting your message with “Dear Friend,” “Dear Reader” or no salutation at all, try addressing each subscriber by name. Most email marketing systems provide a personalization feature. Which means your message can start with “Dear Jane,” “Good news, Joe,” or any other salutation that makes sense for your message.

#2 Include a Call to Action

Don’t neglect this unique opportunity to connect with your reader and further your relationship. Ask them to visit your blog, to download an information product, to like you on Facebook or to buy a product or service. Tell them what to do next.


Keep each autoresponder message simple and to the point. That doesn’t mean it has to be short. Each message should be as long as it needs to be to convey the information. However, it should be highly focused on a single topic.

#4 Benefit, Benefit, Benefit

When you’re planning and creating your autoresponder messages ask yourself this question, “What’s in it for my reader?” What benefit are you offering? What value are you providing? If you can’t answer the question, scrap that message and start over.

#5 Link Messages

Consider linking your messages into an autoresponder series or course. Each message can build on the last one. This helps create a relationship with your reader. They’ll learn to trust you and value your information. It’s much easier to market to someone who considers you a trustworthy and credible resource.

#6 Make It Easy to Read

Large blocks of text are difficult to read. Online, if your prospect cannot quickly scan your message and decide if it’s worth their time they’ll skip it. Subheadings, numbers, bullets and other simple formatting can help add readability to your messages.

#7 Tell, Share, and Wrap

Start each message by introducing your topic and telling your reader what you’re going to share with them. Share your information and then wrap it up by giving a quick summary. This three-part structure will help make sure each and every email message is communicated clearly.

Finally, it’s important to know that your email marketing efforts and your social media efforts can work together. Inspire people to follow you and subscribe to your email newsletter by sharing tidbits of information with them on social sites. Invite email subscribers to connect with you on social media. Integrate your efforts for more results.

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