The world of cloud computing has changed the way people can do business. If you’re not using cloud computing, it can literally change your life. You probably already manage a lot of tasks on the go. With cloud computing and the Dropbox application, you can take care of business from just about anywhere.

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is the term used for online storage. Instead of storing documents, photos, videos and other files on your computer or a backup drive, you store them online via an online service. Sounds sketchy, right? Couldn’t someone steal your files if they’re stored online? Most cloud computing services have multiple layers of encryption. Your information is safe.

The benefits of cloud computing are vast. You can access your information from any device or computer. You can share specific files with designated people making file sharing fast, easy, and secure. As a business owner, Dropbox file sharing means you can send a document to your virtual assistant or a customer from your phone. You don’t have to wait until you get home, boot up your computer, and find the file.

It also means you’re not at risk for losing your information because many cloud computing services offer regular backups. Some back up instantly as soon as a file has changed. Others back up hourly, daily, or weekly depending on your preferences. This means you don’t have to schedule a backup and follow through. It’s done automatically.

What Is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a cloud computing service. You can install it on your computer, your notebook, your smartphone, your iPad – just about any computing device you have. Dropbox is free and once it’s installed, you can begin using it immediately. To add files to Dropbox, simply click and drag. You’ll see a Dropbox folder on your hard drive or your device.

When you’re installing Dropbox you’ll be asked to create a new account. You only need one account for all your devices. You’ll also be asked to adjust your preferences and settings. If you want to share documents or files, simply sign in, click on “sharing” and follow the prompts. You’ll need your recipient’s email address to share files.

Using Dropbox for your Virtual Assistant Business

There are myriad ways to utilize Dropbox for your virtual assistant business. As previously mentioned, you can share files and documents with your contractors to ensure seamless communication. You can also work on content from any device. For example, how often have you been waiting in an office lobby and you have a great idea for a blog post? With Dropbox you can type it up and save it so it’ll be accessible on your computer when you get home.

While a standard account with Dropbox is free, if you have more than 18GB or you want to have more than one user on your account then a Pro or Team account may suit your needs. If you are tired of lugging your laptop or notepad with you everywhere you go and you want to become more efficient, consider adding Dropbox to your business systems and tools.