If your client’s expertise is not social media management, at some point they may want to consider hiring a social media marketing manager (You!). But if you are having trouble conveying your value, you may be losing out on client opportunities. After all, you are the person managing all aspects of your clients’ social media marketing to ensure that their social media strategy is created and carried out consistently, which is a VERY important role! Being able to market yourself in the best light will put you ahead of the pack.

(If you want training on how to BE a social media manager, read on for a great resource…)

Below, I list the benefit to the client along with words you can use to describe this benefit in your marketing.

Benefit 1. I’m a Good Use of Resources

“When something isn’t in your money-making wheelhouse, meaning it’s not your expertise, hiring someone like me, who is an expert, is a good use of your resources and will ensure a good return on investment.”

Benefit 2. I’ll Develop a Real Strategy for You

“One of the most important aspects of any type of marketing is having a strategy. Many people just post here and there without any idea of why they’re doing it. But when you hire an expert to create and implement a strategy, you’re going to notice the difference quickly in terms of results.”

Benefit 3. You’ll Have a More Consistent Brand Voice

“I know how to help you create a consistent brand voice. You may think you have one, but if you don’t have it written down, you probably don’t. It’s easy to get mixed up with your personal life and your business branding on social media.”

Benefit 4. I Know How to Reach Your Exact Audience

“I’m an expert in figuring out how to reach your exact audience. You won’t have to learn how to run Facebook ads, or how to target your audience because I can help you with this or I know someone else who does.”

Benefit 5. I Will Increase Your Social Media Engagement

“When you have a consistent strategy in place that is being implemented, you can’t help but see an increase in your engagement with your target audience. And that’s the entire point, right? Social is supposed to be social.”

Benefit 6. I Have Connections

“I have connections in place that will boost your connections almost immediately. Therefore, you see results fast with your clients because I know how to put those connections into play.”

Benefit 7. I Stay on Top of Industry Trends

“I’m a true expert social media marketing manager and stay on top of trends and know how not to waste your time and money following the old way of doing things. Things change fast when it comes to technology, so I keep my ear to the ground and won’t steer you wrong.”

Benefit 8. You’ll Get Better Reporting and Data

“I know how to put together reports to prove to you what is working and what is not working in your marketing strategy. I will monitor and use that data to continue doing, stop doing, or tweak to make it better. I’ll also give you suggestions since I’m the expert, based on that data.”

“When you hire someone a social media manager like me, an expert with proven success, you’re that much more likely to experience success with your social media marketing efforts, too. Remember that as the CEO of your business, you need to surround yourself with experts to carry out your objectives and see that you reach your business goals.”


Want to be a Social Media Manager?

Social media management is the perfect skillset to learn if you are just starting out. Social Media Pro is one of the few training programs I recommend. Everyone that I know of who has gone through their training has told me it’s top-notch!

How to Market Yourself as a Social Media Marketing Manager