Customers are tough to find and sometimes even tougher to keep. It’s one of the reasons it’s important to keep your customers active and “in the loop” so to speak. The more you communicate and connect with your customers the more likely they are to remain with you. Here are a few tips to reawaken sleeping customers.

#1 Send them a newsletter. If you don’t already have an autoresponder/newsletter. Start one. Send your customer list an invitation to subscribe. Make sure your first trial issue or email is engaging and offers a tremendous benefit. You may even want to include a special promotion for sign ups, a coupon or a free download.

#2 Connect with them on social networking sites. True, not all of your customers are going to have a social media presence, however the ones that do, you can connect with. Send them a hello message, follow them and invite them to follow you. You can also offer a special promotion for people who follow you or fan your Facebook page. The incentive can be a coupon or a free download.

#3 Start a loyalty program. Loyalty programs work well because they offer rewards for recurring purchases. They help a customer feel like a valued part of your community. And they help your customer feel as if they’re getting more than their money’s worth.

#4 Send your customer a personal message. Have you ever received a postcard in the mail from a pizza delivery place you haven’t called in a while?  It’s the “We miss you” type of card that comes with a coupon or promotion on the flip side. You can accomplish the same thing via email.

Send your sleeping customers a “we miss you” email message and include a please come back type of coupon code or discount offer. Sometimes it’s all the motivation a person needs to make a purchase.

#5 Ask for feedback. Maybe your customers’ needs have changed and you’re no longer able to meet them. Tough, I know. However you won’t know unless you ask. And the information may be able to help you strengthen and grow your business and earn back that customer.

Sleeping customers sleep for a reason. Engage them; bring them back into your fold by making them an offer they can’t refuse. If they still don’t come back, don’t hesitate to ask them why. Your customers are your most valued asset. Treat them well and they’ll stay customers for life.