#81: Joint Ventures – How to Show You’re a Pro

Feb 23, 2020 | Marketing / Automation, Office Operations

We are wrapping up this month’s theme: Profitable Joint Ventures. We’ve gone over what is a joint venture, things you need to do in order to get a potential JV partner to say YES, how to get yourself JV ready, and a sample JV inquiry letter. You can always click the links below the video to catch up.

So how do you show your potential JV you’re a pro when you feel like you’re actually not? How does that fit with being authentic and transparent?

In this brief video, we talk about that, plus I give you ideas for where to find JV opportunities.

Let’s finish up profitable Joint Ventures with how to show you’re a pro. You can simply click on the links below to view the other videos and catch up.

Pro Point #1

So how do you show your potential JV you’re a Pro when you feel like you’re actually not? How does that fit with being authentic and transparent?

It’s not so much about being a pro as about showing that you know what a pro must do—and that you are prepared and ready to do it.

You’ve already adopted a professional mindset. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Learn how to set up your JV’s properly so that you:

  • Know what needs to be in place
  • Have it ready

2. Keep your JV offer low-risk and as simple as possible

Your potential JV partner is not going to jump off the deep end into a complex partnership with someone who isn’t tried-and-true, so in addition to a responsive list and a professional inquiry letter, start by offering to partner on something simple … such as reciprocal interviews. Not only is it low-risk to her, but it’s also way less stressful (and easier to carry off with flair) for you.

Pro Point #2 – Make provisions for affiliates.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a highly active team of affiliates you manage yourself with regular prizes and contests, or you’ve just got a product on a third-party network like ClickBank, you still need to create professional resources such as ads, banners, graphics, email series, and resource boxes containing calls to action for affiliates.

And let’s not forget showing your potential JV partner that you’re a pro by being one of her most active affiliates yourself.

In addition to the partners you’ve been dying to work with, there are plenty of others that may be closer to home:

  • Fellow members of membership sites or Groups
  • Peers who have come up the ranks with you
  • People who know your name and always interact with you
  • People you previously worked with
  • Clients who graduated from your coaching
  • Fellow members of exclusive Groups or clubs
  • People you always speak to, when you bump into each other at events
  • Experts who belong to your local Business Networking Group
  • Local experts in your field
  • Your email contacts
  • College buddies in relevant fields
  • Experts a trusted niche peer is happy to refer you to

One big advantage to JV-ing with people you already know: You have a good handle, most likely, on whether or not they’re reliable. : D

Just remember that WIN-WIN principle. And don’t JV with anyone who doesn’t share your values or that you feel negative about.
Approach your JV inquiry with positive intent and a positive spirit. Be confident … even if you aren’t.

That’s it for this week, see you next week for more Systems Sunday!


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