#36: How to Build Your List Using Quizzes

Sep 2, 2018 | Marketing / Automation

I recently realized that I am a serial builder-lister person. Let me explain…

We all know that list-building has to be part of our overall marketing strategy if we are going to continually have a pipeline – attracting those who can use our services. If we don’t do this, then that’s when we fall into the feast-famine cycle (once the client project is done, then it’s back to finding more clients). For most of us, this means ‘building our list.” Technology is great for this strategy! We have list managers, autoresponders, CRM systems, lead magnets, opt-in forms… nowadays it’s a lot easier to build your list thanks to all these tools.

Contrary to what the marketing experts and gurus say, which is to build an opt-in offer and then continually tweak that page to measure your conversion rate and ultimate your offer to client or customer conversion rate, my approach to list-building is the kitchen sink model.

I LOVE to build new offers, try new things, and people seem to really like that. Don’t get me wrong, it IS important to track your metrics so that you can make business decisions, but I think opt-in offers and lead magnets are things to play with. Like a fun toy to play with, maybe take it apart, give it a haircut, change its clothes, put it in a hot corvette and tie it on to the back of your bike as you ride around town. LOL, my childhood days of playing with my Bionic Woman doll are showing.

Experiment, see what works and what doesn’t, try different things, and have fun with it – that’s all I’m saying.

This month, I’m going to show you a few tactics that I use to build my list and this week we start with quizzes.

I think we’ve all taken a quiz, those quick questionnaires that ask a series of questions and then provide those who opt-in with their email, their segmented results. The pros are that your audience will learn something about themselves and will get information quickly, you will learn a lot about your audience and can segment based on their responses, and they are fun!

The cons are that they may be tricky or techie to set up, you have to put some thinking into how you structure your quiz, and the content has to be valuable AND true. As I mention in the video, if you are just collecting a bunch of information and everyone gets the same results, NOT cool.

In this short video, I take you behind the scenes to see how I set up my quiz.

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