It’s no secret that social media has changed the way the vast majority of us live, and if you’re a business owner, relate to your customers as well as pursue new prospects.

If you’re a company owner and or marketer, there clearly is a need to understand social media, and how to use it for maximum effect to grow your business.

Knowing this, it’s also necessary that you first understand how and why your current and prospective customers use these platforms.

Once you have this in-depth understanding, you then can strategically apply that knowledge to your advantage.

When it’s all said and done, you want to be in a position where you can convert your social media followers into customers.

It comes down to this.

If you are unable to post content your followers find interesting and compelling, they will quickly get bored and go follow someone else who, such as a competitor who posts information your customers and prospects find enlightening and informative.

As for your customer who has stopped following you on social media. The words from an old Queen song says it best… “Another one bites the dust.”

Here’s a sobering bit of information on this subject.

In a recent study from Sprout Social, it discovered that 41% of people unfollow a brand on social media because they feel the information isn’t relevant to them. In other words, solutions to their needs cannot be found on those pages.

Another 46% of users unfollow a brand because it posts too much, while 18% of people unfollow a brand because it doesn’t post enough.

If you’ve been posting the same thing over and over again on all your social media platforms, it should be clear that your content has already grown stale.

Even worse is, perhaps you’re not posting anything because you don’t think or know what to say or how to say it.

The good news is, if you find yourself in this position, you can easily change it for the better.

So, in order to start your relationship off on social media on the right foot, here are some suggestions and ideas you can choose from, as you ponder and choose topics and subject matter that will attract and be of interest to not only new, but all of your followers in upcoming social media posts.

Your Latest Blog Post

Once you publish a new blog post, you should share it with your social media followers. A good example of this is from marketer Neil Patel below:

There are lots of benefits to posting this type of content. As you can see, this kind of post will drive traffic to your website.

It’s unlikely your customers are visiting your site on a daily basis, and the odds are high that they may not even know you published a new blog post unless you tell them.

Posting your content on social media also exposes your blog to a wider audience. Now people who are friends with your followers will see your post and potentially visit your profile and or website.

Poll Your Followers

Create a poll. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram all have options for you to poll your followers.

A poll invites your followers to engage. They’ll share their opinions and spend more time on your profile.

There are lots of ways for you to leverage these polls.

You can use them to gain insightful information about your followers, get their opinions about a new idea, or just have some fun. Check out this example from The Muse on Twitter:

If you’re looking for something new to post that will drive engagement, a poll is definitely a top option to consider.

Use Emojis

No matter what platform you’re posting on, you should be using emojis in your posts. That’s because emojis can help you improve your click-through rates.

In fact, 92% of people online use emojis.

A recent study from AdEspresso showed that Facebook headlines with emojis generated 241% more clicks than those without one.

Photos of Your Employees

Share photos of the people who make your business possible, after all without your employees, you wouldn’t be able to operate.

Sharing this type of content also helps humanize your brand.

When your followers see the faces behind your company, they’ll see exactly who is creating the products they’re consuming and learn what goes on behind the scenes.

Sharing photos of your employees will boost your engagement too. That’s because pictures with faces get 38% more likes:

Video Promos

You need to post videos on social media.

More than half of marketers across the globe say video is the type of content that delivers the highest return on investment.

In addition to that, 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video on social media.

Social media videos generate more than 1,200% more shares than images and text combined. Take a look at how Thule used this strategy on one of its recent Facebook posts:

Notice that the caption is related to the promotion, “Explore the city. With your family.” It’s brilliant.

The video shows a mother and father going for a walk with their baby in one of Thule’s strollers.

Video content is a great way to mix up your posts because the options are almost endless.

New Products

You’re in business to make money. So why not use your social media posts as a way to build hype for a new product launch?

This is a good opportunity for you to expose your products to your followers even before the products officially get released to the public.

Customer Case Studies

Show your social media followers how you helped one of your clients do something.

A good example of this is, let’s say you’re a plumber. You can share a post explaining how one of your customers called you with an emergency repair that involved a broken pipe late in one evening.

In spite of having worked 12-hours that day, and being dead tired, you picked yourself up and went straight over and repaired the broken pipe.

Now that’s a feel-good story that will bolster your brand, gain you new followers and be shared by your customers on social media.

The examples you can use are endless. No matter what type of business you have, you can come up with a way to create a case study based on the experience of one of your customers. Try it!

Bring Life to Old Content

You can still share an old blog post on social media if it’s still relevant and you are certain it will interest and engage your customers and prospects.

The same goes for photos and videos. Do you have pics of your company Christmas party?

As you can see, there are many ways to breathe life into your old content by reposting it on social media.

So, there you have it. Begin to use the ideas and examples listed here, and you will have your new (and not so new) social media followers engaging with you on a level you could not have imagined before!