Joint Venturing – list-building on steroids

I wanted to share with you a marketing/list-building  strategy that I’m part of this month. And it’s been unbelievable. Joint venturing is a great idea that you can do with your clients and/or other colleageus to grow your lists. Here’s what we did:

My client has a pretty large list (1100+ subscribers) and she knows a few other people with large lists, but mostly she contacted about 15 other people who have a free product to offer and want to grow their lists. She had them each send to me their blurb, link to free product page, and a graphic. My task was to create the “free giveaway” page and pull all the info together.

We are using this month (June is Effective Communications month) to our benefit as we have each person send out two announcements during  the month, directing everyone to the free giveaway page. We provided the suggested copy for everyone as well as letting them tweak as necessary.

The result? I went from 132 subscribers to over 200 in one day. And the best part is that this is going on all month long; each participant is promoting in their newsletters, blogs, broadcasting to their ‘lists’, posting on listservs, posting on Yahoo groups… it’s viral marketing at its best! This not only forced me to up my marketing game but I created an upsell product to offer all these new subscribers. Not to mention that my client gets a nice target market to highlight her new program and new product. Genius!Just wanted to share – hope this gives you low-cost ideas for your own list-building. Also, your clients who are interested in list building will  love your idea! The cost is minimal; my client paid for a domain name and it took about 5 hours to create the page and pull everyone’s information together. I used a free template that I found and the graphics cost me $3 from You can change it up a bit – say your client has a product like a new book they want to promote. This is a low cost way to get tons of publicity from other people who want to grow their lists using your client’s list. You can make the page a bonus page for *after* someone buys the book – it all depends on what bonus products are being offered and the goal of your client.

Happy joint venturing – just one way to build your list!

Lisa Wells

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