The best way to get more business is to keep generating more leads. The more people you can move to your email list, the more people you’ll be able to move to customer status.

Here are several ways to get more leads. Try implementing them all, then check your numbers, tweak, and repeat.

  • Create More Opt-Ins – The more ways your audience has to sign up for your email list, the better. Add more opt-in opportunities. You can use in-content PDF downloads, freebies, gated content, and more to accomplish this.
  • Test, Test, and Test Some More – Whatever you do, you have to test the results against your expectations. The only way to know what is working or what is not working is via testing.
  • Create More Effective Landing Pages – Learning how to write useful landing pages takes time and skill. If you can afford to, hire an expert to create at least one of your landing pages to determine if they can do better than yours. Once you find a template that works well for your audience, you can reuse it again and again.
  • Write Ads That Produce Results – When you write advertising copy, it’s far different from content marketing copy except for one factor, which is that in many ways, both are persuasive in origin. Practice writing ads that get results, or hire an expert copywriter to help.
  • Develop More Targeted Offers – It might seem silly to say, but the more offers you have, the more pages you’ll have on your site – and therefore, the more entry points you’ll have just based on your offers. One product may have five offers due to five different segments of your audience needing the information.
  • Start Using Remarketing and Retargeting – Install a cookie in your website that enables you to deliver ads directly to previous site visitors or shopping cart abandoners. You can also use the email addresses from your email list to get them back to your site with creative paid ads.

Don’t try to go in blind to create effective lead generation. Get to know your audience, understand what problems you really solve for them, and find more ways to connect with them. The more entry points you have to your list, the more leads you’re going to attract. However, make sure your entry points target your ideal customer based on their buying intent, which you can learn by studying their buying journey.