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Personal Life

Let’s see… we live in a small town near Pinehurst, NC. I say that because I live in a much smaller town right next door that you probably never heard of. It is a bit of a culture shock after living in Southern California for most of my life but I love it here and have made it my home.

I have two boys who are now grown and my fur-child, Lucy, a golden retriever mix. My beloved pugs both crossed the rainbow bridge in 2016 and I’m looking to grow our fur-family!

My husband has been an active duty Marine for 27 years. I’ve been working at home full-time since 2005 (when we moved to NC). The best part of working at home was that I got to attend my kids’ events – soccer, band competitions, speech/debate competitions, awards – all of it!

Here are some random pics…


I love ghost hunting! This is me and my aunt in Gettysburg in 2013 investigating the Hoffman house with the Gettysburg Paranormal Association.


We love traveling – this is me and husband in Kenya.

This is me trying out my new hobby of snowboarding back in 2006. I eventually get down the hill in one piece.

One of my favorite memories is playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band when my kids were younger. When I looked at other Rock Band pics, funny how there is a margarita glass in all of them …

New York City in 2009.

I spend a good deal of time with my dogs. Both of my pugs passed in 2016 so I am looking to grow the family and am looking for pugs who need a forever home.

This was me in my office with my two hard working employees. Well… one hard working employee.

I also enjoy Stephen King books, bellydancing (cabaret and tribal), scuba diving, Spartan races, true crime podcasts, and visiting antique shops. I have tried rock climbing (didn’t enjoy it all that much) and motorcycles (didn’t pass the rider’s course – oh well).

I love working at home! If you’ve always dreamed of working at home, I want you to follow that dream – make sure to check out my free reports,  Exploring Virtual Assistance as a Career and Become a Military Spouse Virtual Assistant.



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