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Meet the Pugs

Meet Soochow, my pug. She is 14 years old but looks pretty small so people assume she’s a puppy.  I try to feed her so she’ll get a little fatter, the way pugs are supposed to look. Needless to say, it hasn’t been working.

We got Soochow from a breeder when we lived in California.  Her name is a tribute to a Marine mascot named “Soochow” from the Fourth Marines. The original Soochow was a little bulldog-terrier orphan mutt from Shanghai that befriended the Marines near the Soochow River back in the late 1930’s.  Tales and anecdotes of mascot Soochow’s life are legendary and have been thoroughly documented in articles.  You can read more about her namesake here.

She is the best lap dog EVER! She’ll curl up anytime anywhere.  Most of the day, she is either sleeping in her cute pink polka-dot bed, licking my feet under my desk, or watching TV on the couch (without me!) What a life!

ET is my boy! We rescued him back in January 2009.  I have no idea why he was named ET. He was all sorts of messed up when we got him: broken leg, ear infection, ingrown toenails… he was a hot little mess.  Don’t tell Soochow but ET is kinda my favorite 🙂