One thing that any business owner should pay attention to is trends in marketing. Trends are important because they can spell the end to tried-and-true marketing systems that we thought would always exist, and give you insight into what people want today and in the future. These trends point to the importance of technology in marketing and should be known by all startups.

* Using Chatbots to Personalize Engagement – While some regulation is happening in the world of chatbots and some people have used them with less than honest intentions, it doesn’t mean that chatbots are gone. Smart use of chatbots to drive and personalize engagement is still something that most startups should pay attention to for their own needs. If they’re honest and transparent, it can work.

* The Potential End of Form Use in Inbound Marketing Systems – People don’t like filling out forms to get things they thought were free. If you ask for an email address, it’s not free. It’s an exchange. Forms aren’t dead yet but fewer people are wanting to fill them out. How can you attract your audience to your list without forms? Maybe the use of chatbots and other ways to get them on the list is something you should study.

* The Use of Influencer Marketing – When someone is an influencer, they have a lot of control over their followers’ purchasing habits. If you can find three to five small influencers to work on a campaign mentioning your brand, it can pay off bigger than many other methods. It’s word-of-mouth marketing at its best.

* Understanding the Journey of the Buyer – Today, marketers are spending a lot of time studying the intent of their buyers and potential buyers through their buying journey. This is an important aspect of marketing knowledge that can help you deliver the right content to them at the time when they most need it, so that you can get more conversions.

* Focusing on User Experience – Today, the user is at the top when you are deciding on website design, the colors you use, the fonts you use, the platforms you optimize for, and more. The user’s experience should be the number one focus of all marketers and startups to get their share of the market.

* Using a Written Content Strategy – It’s not good enough to put random content up without any thought. Whether you buy PLR (private label rights content) or you write content for your audience doesn’t matter. What matters is that every published content piece has a reason for being and a purpose and a goal. Writing it down is best.

* Using Social Media Platforms Strategically – It’s not enough to communicate on social media. Now you need a cohesive and integrated marketing plan that works in conjunction with the rest of your marketing so that it all has a reason and a purpose that advances you toward your goals.

* Increasing Email Marketing Expenditures – Email marketing is still one of the most profitable forms of marketing. For a while, people were putting more into social media marketing, but there is move back toward email marketing because it simply works better – not only to make sales but also to drive engagement on social media and other platforms.

Just because something is a trend today doesn’t mean it will be one tomorrow. But, it can lead us to new discoveries for effective startup marketing options for all types of businesses. Startup marketing always focuses on brand awareness, building an audience, and establishing authority in the niche. How can you use the new trends to advance your startup?