Just getting started?

“I’m just starting out, I need to know where to find clients and how to set up my business the right way.”

You are just starting out. You seek help in setting up your virtual assistant business, how to get clients, how to set up a web presence, and setting fees. You may even still be working your ‘day job’ and want help transitioning to working at home.

As an aspiring or emerging virtual assistant, you are brand new to the virtual assistant industry. Though you are still in the building stages, you are motivated, you are ready, and you really want to make it work!

 You are looking for specific help, whether it’s a training program or low-level group coaching to just get you started.

Here are my trusted recommendations:

Craig and Kelly Cannings are industry veterans and as the co-founders of Freelance University (formerly VA Classroom), they offer training and certification programs across eight training tracks: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Digital Media & Events, Content Creation & Management, Business Management, Technology Management, Graphic Design, and Web Development.

University intake opens and closes throughout the year, but you can get started at any time with their “Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less” program.


Job Boards and Referral Agencies

Nina Feldman Connections – a resource and referral network agency, this service is for highly-skilled service providers. Once you sign up, Nina matches you up with business owners (you pay a finder’s fee).

VANetworking – Tawnya Sutherland is an industry veteran and the founder of VANA, one of the premiere online companies specializing in serving virtual assistants with resources, training, and a job board.

We Are Virtual Assistants – a thriving community site offering information, free resources, free skills classes, job postings, and advice to virtual assistants. You can join for free.

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