#128: Pinning Toolbox

Nov 28, 2021 | Marketing / Automation

The theme this month is Using Pinterest for your Business. 

In this series, we are going to go step-by-step from setting up your profile to creating your content strategy.

Today we wrap up the series with “Your Pinning Toolbox: Tools, Plugins, and Schedulers.”

Previously we talked about creating pins, creating and optimizing boards, adding pins to your boards, and sharing curated content. Let’s talk tools!

There are lots of resources to assist you in your strategy and in this episode, we’ll go over tools, plugins, and schedulers.

Welcome to a new Systems Sunday! The theme this month is Using Pinterest for your Business. For this series, we are going to go step-by-step from setting up your profile to creating your content strategy.

I am Lisa Wells, Your Virtual Assistant Trainer.

Previously we talked about creating pins with Canva, creating and optimizing boards, adding pins to your boards, and sharing curated content. Let’s talk tools! There are lots of resources to assist you in your strategy, we’ll go over tools, plugins, and schedulers.

Each tool has its purpose, but you can still use Pinterest the old-fashioned way by manually pinning. We’ll explore a few better-known tools in this episode, but don’t feel obligated to make a purchase. Explore Pinterest first, get into a groove, then decide if you need a tool.

These are the built-in features available to every Pinterest user and are worth learning how to use:

Send pins to friends – from the web, Click a Pin to open it
Click the share IOS icon to the right of the Pin
Search your contacts by entering someone’s name or email in the search bar or select suggested people on Pinterest
Select your recipients and click Send

Analytics – you can check out your impressions, engagements, total audience, and engaged audience, and view organic or if you’re using paid and earned traffic, or by device, age group, gender source

Trends – I got lost in this for an hour looking at Pinterest trends, you can see what everyone is searching for, super fun

Idea pins – previously called story pins, Idea pins allow content creators to share multiple videos, photos, and more in a single post

Rich pins – Rich Pins are a type of organic pin that automatically syncs information from your website to your pins. For example, if you use a product rich pin and you change information on your website, it will sync with the Pinterest pin with the updated information. You will need to apply for these before you start using them.

And don’t worry, I’ll be including links below in the resources section.

Makes pinning from other sites extremely easy without having to login to your account or open the app. Pinterest Save Button (Chrome)

Plugins make it easy for readers to pin your images:
o Tasty Pins ($29 – SEO for your images, boards + pins)
o Social Warfare ($29 for a single site – customize your share buttons for all your social sites; customize your Pinterest descriptions)
o Pinterest to WordPress ($17 – Provide the complete solution to integrate your Pinterest account with your WordPress. It displays Pinterest boards and pins in your WordPress and updates them automatically.
o Pin It Button on Image Hover (free – Weblizar Pin it button on image hover plugin provides facility to pins your blog posts, pages, and images into your Pinterest account boards.

Schedule your pins in advance. Schedule a week’s worth of pins (or more!) in one sitting.
o Tailwind App (free or starting at $9.99/month – scheduler + pin designer with their templates; also works with Instagram)
o Later (free or starting at $15/month – scheduler for multiple social platforms for easy cross promotions; visual scheduler with image cropping feature; tailor your captions for each platform)
o HootSuite (free or starting at $49/month – map out campaigns, fill in gaps, or collaborate with team members; manage multiple social platforms)
o Social Pilot (free trial then starting at $30/month – schedule posts + video; connect multiple social accounts; analyze + monitor your performance across all platforms; built-in media calendar; collaborate with team members)
o MeetEdgar (starting at $19/month – builds a bottomless library of evergreen updates, organized by category, so you control what types of content get shared and when. When it runs out of things to share, it starts over with older content – what I use and love it!)

Pinterest is one of my favorite programs – positive vibe, gets me inspired, and things don’t get lost like other programs that have a feed.
Here are some other great reasons to use Pinterest:
1. Distribute your content – increases engagement + interaction on your profile
2. Build a community – engage with like-minded people who may become customers
3. Educate customers + increase brand authority – tutorials and how-to guides are hot + a great way to introduce new followers to your business
4. Drive website traffic + boost sales – give your target audience the info they want + link to your website landing pages
5. Build your email list – promote your lead magnets + link to your opt-in page
6. Expand your reach – with 100 million+ monthly users you can certainly expand your name recognition
7. Humanize your brand – showcase the person behind the logo; makes you more approachable to your audience, which can increase engagement + sales

If you enjoyed this episode and want to take it further, check out my new Productivity Planner – How to Use Pinterest for Business to Attract New Fans, Clients, and Sales. At 75 pages, it’s chock full of instructions, examples, and exercises to help you start using Pinterest as part of your marketing strategy. You can find a link to the product below or visit my VA Business Builder Boutique and click on Shop.

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How to Use Pinterest for Business


The 75-page Step-by-Step Planner Covers:

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  • Step Two: Master Your Magic Strategy To Maximize Traffic
  • Step Three: Nail Your Niche to Explode Your Viral Status
  • Step Four: Showcase Your Expertise with Carefully Curated Boards
  • Step Five: Pin with Ease to Rapidly Attract Your Dreamy Leads
  • Step Six: Skyrocket Your Traffic for Generating A Captivated and Buying Audience
  • Step Seven: Fuel Your Pinterest Marketing with Data-Driven Decisions
#128: Pinning Toolbox#128: Pinning Toolbox
#128: Pinning Toolbox#128: Pinning Toolbox


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