If you’re looking for someone to take you by the hand and answer your “how do I make more money in my VA business” questions, then read on…

green_bullet41My programs were created for virtual assistants of all levels who want to become more successful in their online business.
If any of these apply to you, then you’re perfect for one of my programs:

___ I am new to the VA industry and I desperately need some direction and guidance to figure it all out!

___ I am somewhat experienced in my business, have some clients… but I’d really like to increase my income, attract more ideal clients, and revenue!

___ I have been a VA for a while and I’d like to take it to the next level – maybe implement packages, refine my business model or my marketing message.

(If you checked just one of the boxes above, then I can help YOU!)

Let me ask you a quick question: How’s your VA business doing?

Take a minute to think about it. That’s ok, I’ll wait. Really think about the current status of your efforts to build your VA business into a business that you dream about and that you love.

If you haven’t yet had success in your VA business, ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I lacking clarity about what I offer my clients?
  • Do I need to increase my confidence in the pricing of my services?
  • Do I love my marketing strategy and can clearly see how it will lead me to my goals?
  • Am I having an easy time partnering with clients?

If you’re not completely satisfied with your results then read on, because I believe I can help you improve your results with personalized consulting.

Because you don’t need the why, you need the how!

A Consultant For Your Specific Needs

More than a plan that points the way, you need a trainer to personally show you the way, explaining important things along the way … as they apply to YOU and YOUR SPECIFIC SITUATION.

Think about this: a VA training course can provide you with lessons and tell you why you need to do each of the lessons, but it can’t tell you if what you are doing is going to get you closer to your goal. It doesn’t know if you have a client-attractive website or just a bunch of words and images on a website. It can’t comment on how to improve your website in order to attract your ideal client.

With VA training courses, you learn the how-to, but there’s strategy involved on how to best explore this skills to make them generate money. My clients tell me that I’m very good at helping them identify their strengths, what they really like to do, and building their packages using that information.

That’s where I can help you.

“I pledge to give you honest and forthright feedback and
suggestions about anything related to YOUR VA business”

With my programs, you get personalized, one-on-one consulting to answer any of your VA business questions. The advantages of this type of guidance are clear…

Customized and Personal. That’s right, it will be personal. I’ll be looking at your website, your newsletters, your plans, your goals, your processes, your systems… your business. This is all about you, not the “masses” out there. You and I communicate one-on-one.

Specific. I’ll give you specific feedback about how to improve your VA business. If you want to talk about your service offerings page, then I’ll tell you how to make changes to attract more ideal clients. If you want to talk about how to deal with a difficult client, then we can talk about that. Specific strategies that you can begin using immediately to bring more revenue (and harmony) to your business.

Comprehensive. That’s right, you get to set the curriculum. Whatever is most important to you, that’s what we’re going to work on. Maybe it’s the way you attract clients. Maybe it’s driving ideal clients to your site. Maybe it’s creating a product. Maybe it’s publishing an ezine. Maybe it’s putting together a joint venture project. Doesn’t matter … it’s up to you. You call the shots. You let me know what you want to “figure out” and we’ll get it done.

Honest. You’ll always get my honest and forthright opinion. I won’t sugar coat it just to make you feel good. I’ll be kind and encouraging, but I’ll also call it like I see it. If your website copy is confusing or not sending the right message, I’ll tell you. If your client engagement process needs some clarity, then I’ll let you know. All the while, mind you, anytime you are heading off track, I’ll point you in the right direction.

Bottom line: it’s all about helping you build and improve your VA business, addressing specific issues of importance to you, and getting you to your goals. I’ll be the guide … you tell me where you want to go.

Seriously, we can address anything you want to talk about that relates to building a VA business…

  • Improving your website
  • Attracting ideal clients
  • Putting the right systems in place
  • Putting together an ecourse
  • Changing your “lack” mindset
  • Repositioning or raising your rates
  • Creating service packages based on value, not time
  • Growing your list
  • Systematizing the client engagement process
  • Creating your own product
  • Automating your business
  • Plan out your ideal schedule

What we cover is completely up to you. There is no set “curriculum” that we are going to go through. We cover what you want to cover. We improve what is most important to you.

Of course, I’ll take a look at your business and “train” you into what’s best for you. For example: You might think “getting more traffic to your site” is most important. But, I might look at your site and see that it needs improving before you drive traffic.

If you want straight-up business advice, I can share with you my 12 years of experience in building my two businesses: Coast2Coast Business Support Solutions (as a tech/marketing VA, Certified Infusionsoft Partner, and Certified Online Business Manager) and Virtual Assistant Trainer (creating passive income, group coaching, and training programs).

We’ll work together.


My mentoring experience with Lisa was the insight my business needed. She helped me improve my content so potential clients could understand how my services would help their businesses.

Electra Ford, http://www.virtualofficecenter.net


1. Confidence touches everything in your business and in your life. Working with me to break through challenges and uplevel your VA business increases your confidence in all areas.

2. Accountability, progressing, forward direction.

3. Break through limiting beliefs, fears, and perceived limitations to achieve your outcomes.

4. Resources, experience, tools, modeling. Leverage my 12+ years of studying from top-notch world-class coaches and apply it to your business.

During the time that Lisa served as my mentor, she provided me with great advice and direction in the process of growing my business. She made me think and ask myself the hard questions, and she served as my much-needed accountability partner in taking action.
Cachet Prescott, http://virtualcachet.com/

How I Can Help You / Investment

I offer VIP intensives (full-day and half-day options) for focused solutions, and 3-month and 6-month consulting packages for those who want to transform their business, perfect for those who are launching their business or, seasoned professionals who want to up-level their already thriving business and need personal support.

Which package is right for you depends on your goals, where you are and where you want to be, and your schedule.

Don’t worry, the last thing I want to do is get you on the phone and convince you to buy a program you may not be ready for, which is why I want you to check out the pricing beforehand. Click here to download my packages. If you think it may be a fit, then sign up below.

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Great! I’m glad you’re serious about your business and are serious about becoming a more successful VA. I’ll be honest with you, I don’t want to work with anyone who doesn’t treat their business like a business. You’ve got a personal guide waiting to answer your questions. I’m here, ready and willing to help you get clients, gain clarity, uplevel your marketing, and increase your revenue.

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I’d love to work with you – let’s get going!


Lisa Wells
Virtual Assistant Trainer


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