#169: How to Write Irresistible, Profit-Producing Emails for Your Vacation Campaign Funnel

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We’ve already covered how to pick the perfect profit-producing offers to promote while you’re away and mapping out a simple hands-off money-making email sequence in earlier episodes. Now it’s time to map out the topic of each email in your funnel.

In this episode, I give tips on how to write irresistible, profit-producing emails for your vacation campaign funnel.

Welcome to another episode of Systems Sunday. The theme this month is Profitable Vacation Campaign Funnels. A vacation campaign is any automated email sequence you can turn off and on while you’re busy doing other things, like playing cornhole or those life-size chess boards. Turn it on before you get to the airport and turn it off when you get back home.

I am Lisa Wells, your Virtual Assistant Trainer.

We’ve already covered how to pick the perfect profit-producing offers to promote while you’re away and mapping out a simple hands-off money-making email sequence. Now it’s time to map out the topic of each email in your funnel. Today’s episode is How to Write Irresistible, Profit-Producing Emails for Your Vacation Campaign Funnel.

As I mentioned in an earlier episode, knowing exactly what you’ll talk about and offer in each email will help determine if you’re missing any offers or covering a range of price points.

  1. What are you promoting and how long/when will you promote each offer? Factor in how long you’ll be away as well as how many products you’re promoting during this time frame.

  2. What are you writing about or sending in each email? Map out a topic, story, or links to include, starting with email #1 straight through the series. Is it a link to free content like a blog post or is it a straight-up promotional email? Storytelling is a very popular marketing tactic these days as it helps you connect with your audience. Even your newest subscribers will trust you faster if you tell a story that they also experienced. Your stories also make you approachable as opposed to being “only” the face of your brand. Write your emails as if you’re speaking to your best friend and you’ll win over some virtual friends in the process.
  3. What’s your CTA or promotion for that day? Make it strong. Appeal to their pain points. Don’t include any distractions or multiple offers in these emails; make it as clear as day what their next step should be.
  4. Plan your funnel by following a 3:1 ratio. Your first two emails add value. Educate your audience about who you are, your business, and your products so they feel comfortable purchasing from you. The third email focuses on selling your offers and includes scarcity or urgency. If you’re gone for multiple weeks, set your funnel to repeat this ratio but with reminders about your paid offer.
  5. Don’t overcomplicate the writing of this email sequence. Write your emails in Google Docs so you can focus strictly on the wording instead of being distracted with formatting or not saving your work frequently enough. If you’re promoting an affiliate product, use the affiliate swipe copy provided to you and add your own personal touch. Even though this may seem like an added step instead of just writing inside your ESP, once your copy is finalized it’s a simple cut/paste into your email platform. Use an email template to keep your formatting consistent with every email.
  6. Create strong, compelling subject lines that get clicked. Your email series is only a money-producer if your emails get opened. A big component of open rates is your subject lines. A lot of emotion has to come through a few simple words, so brainstorm and choose those words carefully. Try subject lines that convey your urgency or scarcity. Be a little mysterious. Use numbers, such as “Top 7 Tips for Writing Compelling Subject Lines.” Ask a question and provide the answer inside. You’ll discover many different styles and advice when it comes to subject lines, so don’t skim over this part. Also, ask a business buddy or mentor for advice or feedback.
  7. Use your PS as an offer reminder. You have limited space in your email – and your readers’ limited attention span – to make your offer stand out, so use every bit of space available, including the last line under your signature. This traditional P.S. line offers you one more chance to remind your readers about the offer, which is especially important if you have anybody who skims emails and misses some of the details. A link to your offer in this space gives readers one last chance to click before deleting your email.

Don’t worry about this list. I promise you, once you have the first steps mapped out, the emails practically write themselves; or the path you want to guide your readers at least becomes clearer. You also don’t need to complete the entire sequence in one day; take breaks in between or consider hiring a ghostwriter if writing is not your strong suit. If you have the sequence mapped out already, an experienced ghostwriter can craft this sequence very easily.

If you enjoyed this episode and want more tips and strategies for building a profitable vacation campaign, check out Vacation Campaigns Business Building Action Kit. In this kit, I show you how to set up a vacation-specific autoresponder series that gets delivered to your email subscribers while you’re away. All my action kits contain a full done-for-you action plan to give you guidance, resources, and keep you on track with a done-for-you calendar, checklist, and worksheets. You can find a link to the product below or visit my VA Business Builder Boutique by clicking on Shop in the menu bar.

Join me next week as we wrap up our series with “Best Ways to Monetize Your Vacation Campaign Funnel.”

Bye for now!


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Putting off traveling until retirement does make sense from a financial point of view. For those service providers and solopreneurs who work from home and are a team of one, if you’re not working, you’re not getting paid. That’s a far cry from someone who has a traditional job in a corporate setting that comes with a salary income and paid vacation time.

But today I’m here to bust that thinking because there IS a way you can earn money while on vacation. It’s not magic and it does involve some planning, but with the proper steps in place, you can come back from vacation with extra money in your bank account. You wanted the freedom of running your own business and that freedom should include taking time for vacations, without fear of how your bills will get paid while you’re gone.

In this complete kit, I’m going to show you how to flip on your money-making funnel during your next vacation!

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  • Resource Directory with links to tools and resources
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#169: How to Write Irresistible, Profit-Producing Emails for Your Vacation Campaign Funnel
#169: How to Write Irresistible, Profit-Producing Emails for Your Vacation Campaign Funnel


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