#7: Prospect Worksheet: What to Track and How

Feb 11, 2018 | Office Operations, Working with Clients

Last week I told you how to get started in reaching out to warm prospects otherwise known as low-hanging fruit, those who are interested in what you have to offer, by either calling them or sending them a check-in email.

We are going to build on that process this week and I’m going to share more of my system.

When it comes to prospects, here is my 4-step overview:

  1. Send relevant, valuable information to every prospect regularly, relentlessly and frequently. Do this until they partner, hire, buy, die, or beg you for mercy.
  2. Communicate with prospects efficiently aside from the normal, time-consuming, one on one methods. This can include email marketing, Send Out Cards, direct response mail, etc.
  3. Log all communications between you and the prospects in an organized fashion.
  4. Track the progress and measure the results so that you can make better business decisions.

In this video, I’ll show you how to log information and track your prospects using two methods: manually and using an online CRM system.

The freebie for this Sunday is a Prospect Tracking Sheet so that you can be better organized in tracking your prospects in an organized way:

Grab the downloadable worksheet here.

You may be tempted to just have a spreadsheet online, but my belief when it comes to this is “out of sight out of mind.” It’s too easy to forget unless the sheet is on your desk, right in front of you! If you want to go online and use a CRM program or app, just make sure you are consistent and login every single day.

Remember, I’m an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, so if you are interested in this program and want to see a demo or talk about how this program can help you, we can schedule a chat anytime.

(Want your own personalized shirt? I use Queensboro here in North Carolina – great quality and great value. Their sweatshirts are super soft – make sure to get your logo on that too!)

Tell me, how do YOU track prospects? Do you find having a sheet handy that you can write on or using a CRM most helpful?


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