#82: Repurposing Articles and Blog Posts

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This month’s theme is “Content Multipliers.”

I know that business owners work hard to create high-quality content that their audience will love. And I also know that it might be difficult to come up with new content all. the. time.

Why re-invent the wheel? Instead, why not get the best out of the content that you’ve already worked on? All you need to do is repurpose the content you already have. And that’s what we will go over this month – how to repurpose what you already have.

For example, you have a collection of articles or blog posts that you’ve proudly posted to your blog, but you haven’t done anything else with them.

In this brief video, I’m going to show you 3 ideas you can still use these articles or blog posts in fun and exciting ways.

This months’ theme is Content Multipliers and I’ll be showing you how to repurpose content that you may already have but don’t know what to do with it.

So, you have a collection of articles or blog posts that you’ve proudly posted to your blog, but you haven’t done anything else with them. In today’s Systems Sunday, I’m going to show you 3 ideas you can still use these articles or blog posts in fun and exciting ways.

Idea #1: Create a Report

One of the easiest things to do is to compile the articles into one longer report. You can use this report as an opt-in gift for your visitors.

When you have an opt-in gift, someone visits your website. They see an offer of a free gift if they sign up with their email address. They enter their details and you send them an email with a copy of their free gift. Some marketers call this a lead magnet.

Before you create a report, it helps to know what you plan to do with it. If you’re using it as a lead magnet, you might want to include a call-to-action in the back that links to a small purchase.

Once you know how you’ll profit from your report, your next step is to gather a collection of articles. Now, these articles should be on the same topic. After all, you don’t want to create a report that tackles too many subjects at once. This will overwhelm your readers. Trust me on that, I get feedback whenever I overwhelm my readers!

Finally, create a call-to-action on your last page. Invite your reader to spend money with you or another marketer that you’re promoting. Be sure this call to action is relevant to the content of the report. Don’t offer graphic design services if your report was focused on social media. You’ll just confuse your readers.

After your report is complete, save it as a PDF, upload it to your website and create a form on your website so visitors will see your brand-new report when they opt in to your autoresponder or lead management system.

Idea #2: Create an Autoresponder Challenge

You can also grab a collection of articles or blog posts and turn them into an autoresponder series. This can be a great way to make a simple email challenge to grow your mailing list.

For example, let’s say you did a blog series on “Organizing Your Home Room-By-Room.”

You could take each “room” and make it a day in your challenge. So, your autoresponder series might look something like this:

  • Day 1: Sorting the Kitchen & Pantry
  • Day 2: Tackling the Family Room & Living Room
  • Day 3: Organizing Your Kids’ Bedrooms
  • Day 4: Turning Your Bedroom into an Oasis
  • Day 5: Simplifying Your Bathrooms
  • Day 6: Cleaning Out Your Garage

Of course, your autoresponder series doesn’t have to last for 6 days. You could have a challenge that runs for 5, 10, or even 30 days depending on what project you’re helping your community tackle.

To use this idea, all you need to do is decide the topic and length of the challenge. Gather your content for the challenge and decide which piece of content fits that day. As you’re working, be mindful of how you could add in affiliate links or links to your project. With the organizing example I just talked about, you could link to your favorite kitchen drawer organizer on day 1. On day 3, you might link to your short product on how to help your kids fall in love with tidying.

Idea #3: Create an Affiliate Resource Center

You have an amazing product and affiliates that would gladly promote it for you. There’s just one problem—your affiliates are busy, and they don’t have the time to create blog posts, emails, and social media blurbs promoting your products.

What you can do is take your existing articles and blog posts and add this content to your affiliate center.

You’ll want to create a mix of content here – try coming up with 2-3 blog posts, 3-5 email swipes, and 2-5 social media updates. By having several options, your affiliates can look through what you have and choose the content that’s most likely to appeal to their communities.

I hope you liked our first topic on the theme of content multipliers, it’s going to be a fun month. Stay tuned for next week where I show you repurposing ideas for audios and videos.

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