Tired of charging by the hour? There is a better way.

“I’ve been in business for a while and I need help leveraging my expertise, perhaps learning new skills and getting away from charging hourly.”

You’ve been in business for a while. You’ve experienced some success, but you are feeling stuck. Maybe it’s your business operations and you want to know how you can have a more effective web presence, how to land more ideal clients, and maybe do away with trading hours for dollars and create packages.

Or maybe you have paying clients and are looking for strategies to bring more profit, ease, and freedom into your business without selling your soul. Perhaps you want to add to your service listings or switch to a new niche or specialty altogether?

As a seasoned VA, you’ve been at this for a while. You may know your ‘stuff’ but you still need help in fine-tuning your strategy or you need someone to help you get to that next level.  You are looking for specific help, whether it’s a group coaching program or one-on-one support.

I’ve been in this boat MANY times over my years of being in business. I used to joke that I “just want someone to tell me what to do.” Funny thing was, I wasn’t joking! I know what it’s like to feel like you’re an airplane circling the airport but never landing. It’s ok, I got you!

Here are my trusted recommendations to get you unstuck:

Craig and Kelly Cannings are industry veterans and as the co-founders of Freelance University (formerly VA Classroom), they offer training and certification programs across eight training tracks: Social Media, Digital Marketing, Digital Media & Events, Content Creation & Management, Business Management, Technology Management, Graphic Design, and Web Development.

University intake opens and closes throughout the year, but you can get started at any time with their “Freelance Success in 30 Days or Less” program.

Social Media Pro is the best social media manager training program I’ve seen and I highly recommend it. Social media is here to stay and it’s one of those areas that is always growing – and business owners need your help to keep up! If you’ve been a social media virtual assistant and want to elevate your skillset (and get paid more) as a social media MANAGER, then check out their training. Once you’re trained and certified, you will be listed in their social media manager directory, an added plus!

Know what you do, but having trouble communicating it? That’s exactly what Annie Franceschi of Greatest Story Creative can help you do. Whether you need a clear way to tell your story, or you need a brand and website that shows your value, she can help you.

Annie creates brands for coaches, consultants, and service business owners. Her solutions are a great fit for those who sell their time in creative ways. As a one-stop creative partner for branding, she can take you all the way from naming your business to a compelling website that attracts profitable ideal clients and establishes you as the expert you are.

A logo designer, copywriter, web designer – no need to hire a whole team of people and try to get them on the page! Instead, consider the alternative: a full storytelling partner with a seamless process, a passion for your business, and a plan.

I’ve worked with Annie many times over the years. Not only is she your marketing partner, but deeply understands online businesses and will save you tons of time so you’re not just hiring someone to “do up a website,” but instead partnering with someone who can guide you to where you want to go.

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