When you want to come up with products for your audience, you sometimes need to take the time to brainstorm ideas. The way to do that is to write down your ideal customer’s problems in a list. Use that list to identify a problem that you can solve with your knowledge and skills. Then sell that solution to them.

To help get your juices flowing, here are seven unique digital product ideas you can consider.

1. Photography

Today, you don’t have to be a trained photographer to learn how to use a good digital camera to take usable pictures for your audience. Of course, it depends on your audience.

For example, if you are a travel writer, your audience is typically interested in travel. They don’t have much use for stock images like customers would if you were in a business topic, but you can still sell your photography.

Take an awesome image of that secret swimming hole in the desert? That’s great. Turn it into digital art by finding a printer that will print your image on different types of paper to give your audience a choice. You can investigate different platforms such as Art.com, DeviantArt.com, and Fotomoto.com. There are many of these companies. Find the one that offers the best service and prices based on your audience’s needs and desires.

2. Templates

No matter what type of successful business you have, someone else out there would love to know how you manage it all. Put together templates and checklists for what you do each day and sell them.

Have a knitting business? Sell new patterns. Have a cooking business? Sell step-by-step directions for something you do regularly that can earn money.

Or let’s say you’re an attorney. Why not sell templates of contracts that can be altered by the buyer? Deal with a homeschooling audience? Sell templates for printout lesson plans. You get the idea.

Sharing with others how you get it all done in the form of a template is a great way to build your income, and even use as a list building effort by giving it away for free.

3. EBook

At first glance, you might wonder what’s unique about an eBook. Well, if you make it, it’s unique to you. Think outside the box about what you can offer inside of an eBook, especially a digital one. You can sell it from your own platform on your site and offer even more inside than just a book. Your book can have video and more inside it.

Alternatively to this idea, you can always sell your eBooks in any genre on Kindle too. Not sure what to write? Go back to your audience and find a problem that you can solve with instructions and write that.

4. ECourse

Your eCourse can be unique to you too and even be turned into your main gig if you’re careful. Know how to make tons of money on Amazon FBA? Make a step-by-step course about how you do it and you’ll end up earning a lot of money on it.

Consider the fact that whatever you put into an eBook, that’s a “how to” can be turned into an eCourse and be delivered. If you’ve ever written any eBooks, consider doing that to have another product based on something you’ve already done most of the work for. This is an ideal way to do it.

You can make this product totally hands off if you use the right technology like Teachable.com, for example, to deliver the course. You can also use membership technology like aMember.com to deliver it all without you having to do anything except put it in the system.

5. Audio Recordings

Think about your audience and what they do daily. You can likely find something you can record for them so that they can listen on the go. Your eBook can become an audio recording for sure. But there are more ideas out there. It’s amazing what is popular in audio these days.

You can buy guided meditation, and so much more. If you’re a coach, you can offer helpful recordings as lessons to your clients that give them a feeling of being with you more than they are. Let’s say you have a weekly call with your client. Then a weekly recording too. The recording goes out automatically on a drip program depending on where the client is in your program, mid-week from your appointment.

The recording can also be the main thing that you offer, such as the guided meditation, a pep talk, and other recordings based on your niche and audience.

6. WordPress Plugins

WordPress is widely used by small business owners – mostly because it’s just so simple. There isn’t another website builder that is as inexpensive and as highly functional as WordPress is. Whether you need a big fancy eCommerce site or not, WordPress can work for your needs and plugins increase the functionality of the platform.